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Christmas Presents

Played 4/4/2013
Players: Erik, Kyle, Rema

25 DECEMBER 3068

Commander Fields, consider this an invitation for you and your command staff to join me and mine at the 3rd Guards command post to celebrate the holiday and plan our next move against the Word of Blake. We’ve been working one up, and I want your opinion on it.

Colonel Jena Davion-Bath, XO, 3rd Davion Guards

“Phoenix ADC, this is Fox ADC. We are currently tracking several objects rapidly descending towards your position. Too slow for bombardment, but might be meteorites or a very small drop.”

“Copy, Fox ADC. …whoa. They just hit atmosphere. Just saw the flashes. The sonic booms should wake everyone up here in a moment.”

Radio conversation between air defense units in Avalon City, 22:15 local time 12/25/3068

America: We will kill you in your sleep on Christmas.

Early 21st century Terran humor


  • Military Base #1 (MS7)
  • Military Base #2 (MS7)


The Attacker consisted of elements of Blake’s Wrath.

  • EXT-4X Exterminator (2/3)
  • Purifier (Laser) (2/3)
  • Purifier (Laser) (2/3)
  • Purifier (Laser) (2/3)
  • Purifier (TAG) (2/3)
  • Purifier (TAG) (2/3)

The Attacker enters by orbital drop at the end of the movement phase on Turn 1.


The Defender consisted of elements of the 3rd Davion Guards.

  • BLK-12-KNT Black Knight (2/3)
  • FLC-8R Falconer (3/4)
  • SHD-5D Shadow Hawk (2/3)
  • FS9-OB Firestarter (3/4)
  • House Davion Jump Laser Infantry (2/3)
  • House Davion Jump Laser Infantry (2/3)
  • House Davion Jump Laser Infantry (2/3)

The Defender deploys up to 20% of its total force anywhere on the map at the beginning of the track. Other units must be activated during the track.




  • Bureaucracy Will Never Die: At least one Administration building survives the track. [FAILED]
  • Low Explosive: At least one Ammunition Bunker survives the track. [FAILED]
  • No Place Like Home: At least one Barracks building survives the track. [FAILED]
  • In Control: The Command Bunker building survives the track. [FAILED]
  • Gassed Up: At least one Fuel Depot tank survives the track. [FAILED]
  • Full Power: At least one ’Mech Hanger building survives the track. [FAILED]
  • Revved Up: At least one Vehicle Hanger building survives the track. [FAILED]
  • Drive Them Off: Cripple or Destroy all attacking units. [FAILED]


The following rules are in effect for this track:

  • Salvage: The Salvage rules are not in effect for this track.
  • Forced Withdrawal: The Forced Withdrawal rules are not in effect for this track. If at any point during the track (at the discretion of the GM) the Attacker cannot reasonably damage any more buildings, all surviving Attacker units enter Forced Withdrawal.
  • Black and White: Apply the effects of the Moonless Night and Moderate Snowfall weather conditions (TO, p. 58-60). All weapon attacks are made at a +4 modifier, physical attacks at a +1 modifier. Units lose an additional 2 points of heat per turn from the cold. Units above 15 heat are easier to target, and enemies gain a -1 to hit for each 15 points of heat on the target.
  • Protect the Buildings: The mission of the Defender is to prevent buildings in the base from being destroyed. A building is considered to be destroyed if 50% or more of its hexes are rubble at the end of any phase.
  • Fire From the Sky: The Attacker may use Orbit-to-Surface Fire (SO, p. 103) in limited quantities. The Attacker has 2 15/12/9/6/3 damage attacks and 4 5.5/4.4/3.3/2.2/1.1 damage attacks available, all of which have a modified TN of 7 and a flight time of 0.

In order to make orbital bombardment attacks, the Attacker must make two successful TAG rolls on the target hex in successive turns.

  • Breach and Clear: The Attacker may attempt to breach any Hardened building using battle armor. To breach a building, the Attacker must keep at least one unit of battle armor next to (or on top of) a single target building hex for two successive Firing Phases. On the third turn, what happens depends on the building in question:

If the target building is the Command Bunker, a battle armor unit may enter the building and clear it. Clearing takes two turns and causes 10 points of damage as if caused by infantry.

If the target building is an Ammunition Bunker, the battle armor unit may throw in explosive charges and detonate the bunker during any Firing Phase instead of firing a weapon. The charges are automatically successful and destroy the entire building completely. The battle armor remain unhurt by the explosion.

  • Decapitation Strike: Player characters (Dyson Fields, Octavius McManus) and several high-ranking AFFS officers are in a basement inside the Command Bunker. In the event that the Command Bunker is breached or destroyed, each player character suffers 1d6-1 points of pilot damage.
  • Don’t Scratch the Paint: The ‘mechs belonging to the player characters (Dyson’s Daedalus, Octavius’ Grasshopper) are considered to be inside the ‘Mech Hanger. If one building is destroyed, roll 1d6 for each ‘mech. If the result is odd, that ‘mech suffers Heavy damage. If both buildings are destroyed, both ‘mechs automatically suffer Heavy damage.


The Blake’s Wrath commandos caught the defending forces completely off-guard, and were able to quickly and efficiently destroy almost all of their objectives (though most of the 3rd Davion Guards command staff survived) and retreat, though the defending troops managed to take out almost 20 battle armored commandos. This section of the NAIS facility is a complete loss.


Censored by order of MIIO.


Destruction of our headquarters and the wounding or death of many senior leaders is a significant setback for us, although with the harsh winter, it seems unlikely that the Word of Blake will be able to press the attack before the spring thaw.


House To House


Freeze the Line


Aphexs Dwip

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