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Communication Breakdown

Played: 9/12/12
Players: Erik, Rema

30 MARCH 3068

Commander Fields, your people did good locating the advance elements of the 36th. It looks like this is the big one – they’re coming through the pass in full strength. We’re getting ready. This is going to get ugly.

As you know, you’re not the only mercs on planet. Beta Regiment of the 12th Vegan Rangers got smashed pretty hard last month when the whole 36th landed right on top of them. What’s left of their third battalion is going to link up with you and help bolster our defenses in Balright Pass.

I need you to send some units to link up with the Rangers. Guide them in, get them situated. Veteran unit though they are, the 12th troops are pretty jumpy, and you’ve been dependable thus far. See what you can do to anchor them.

Colonel Jena Davion-Bath, XO, 3rd Davion Guards

“Anchor the Rangers,” they said. “They’re pretty jumpy,” they said. Yeah. First thing was that big flash of light, and now half the electronics aren’t working. And now those jumpy Rangers are shooting at you. ‘Mech-sized semaphore flags would be great about now, if you had any.


  • Desert Sinkhole #1 (MS3)
  • Desert Hills (MS2)


The Attacker consists of elements of the third battalion of Beta Regiment of the 12th Vegan Rangers, and included:

  • MTR-5K Maelstrom (4/5) (proxy: tan Mad Cat mini)
  • CNS-5M Cronus (4/5) (proxy: purple Quickdraw mini)
  • WVR-8K Wolverine (3/4) (proxy: black Griffin mini)
  • LCT-5M Locust (3/4) (proxy: purple Cicada mini)

The Attacker enters from the eastern map edge.


The Defender consisted of elements of Deadspace Anomaly, including:

  • DAD-3D Daedalus (Dyson Fields, 2/4) (proxy: 10th Lyran Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • BSW-S2 Bushwhacker (Wallace Joy, 3/5) (proxy: tan Uller mini)
  • PXH-4L Phoenix Hawk (Larry, 3/5) (MWDA Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • HBK-5S Hunchback (Moe, 4/5) (green Hunchback mini)

The Defender entered from the western map edge.




  • Defend Yourself: Less than 50% of the Defender’s total force is Crippled or Destroyed. [SUCCESS]
  • Nerves of Steel: Destroy no more than 25% of the Attacker’s force. [SUCCESS]


The following special rules are in effect for this track:

  • Forced Withdrawal: The 12th Vegan Rangers follow the Forced Withdrawal rules.
  • Time Limit: Beginning with the End Phase of Turn 8, the Attacker rolls 2d6. On a result of 9 or greater, communications are re-established. Once communications are re-established, this track ends.
  • EMP: Use the rules for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) (p. 55, TO). All weapon attacks apply a +2 to-hit modifier, and a -2 penalty to rolls made on the Cluster Hits Table from any source. Active probes cease to function, and ECM systems have double effectiveness.


12th Vegan Rangers ‘mechs, spooked by the heavy jamming interfering with comms, fired first at their erstwhile Deadspace allies. While the EMP interference caused almost all attacks on either side to miss, the Deadspace pilots managed to defend themselves, heavily damaging and driving off the Vegan Rangers Locust and heavily damaging the Cronus due to Dyson Fields’ accurate laser fire. Unfortunately, moments before communications were restored, the Rangers Maelstrom fired a pulse laser blast that penetrated Wallace Joy’s Bushwhacker, setting off his SRM ammo and almost gutting the ’mech.


Com break08
Round 8: Only coherent footage. Wallace Joy’s Bushwhacker lies flaming on the field as the other ’mechs circle one another.


Fortunately, we were able to get Wallace and his ’mech off the field – Wallace to the doc, the Bushwhacker to the repair bay. The Vegan Rangers deny all responsibility for the attack, and have warned all Deadspace units away from them “or else.” The Davions will probably have something to say about all of this, but from the sounds of things, we all have bigger problems now.


Eyes On Target


Phase Line Excalibur


Aphexs Dwip

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