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Condition Feral

Played: 7/29/2012
Players: Erik, Kyle, Rema

Harlech, Outreach
Chaos March
15 October 3067

The situation is desperate. Your unit has been fighting all day against rogue mercenaries, and you’re getting tired. Jamming has been affecting your comms for the last hour, and Harlech is starting to feel like your own personal hell. Something has to go your way soon, right?

Without warning, an enemy ‘Mech nearby explodes as a PPC blast hits dead center. That wasn’t one of yours! With elation, you see a Wolf’s Dragoons Marauder step into view. The cavalry has arrived!

And that’s when the Marauder turns its guns on you. Something is dreadfully wrong here…


  • City (Suburbs) (MS6)
  • City (Residential) (MS6)

All maps and positions remained the same from TempTown.


The attacker consisted of the remaining mercenaries fighting the Deadspace Anomaly:

  • AWS-8Q Awesome (2/3) (green Awesome mini)
  • STY-3C Starslayer (5/6) (proxy: dark blue Centurion mini)
  • J. Edgar Light Hover Tank (4/5) (proxy: green wheeled tank mini)


The defender consisted of the remaining elements of Deadspace Anomaly:

  • DAD-3D Daedalus (Dyson Fields, 3/4) (proxy: 10th Lyran Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • HBK-5S Hunchback (Milagria “Milly” Rebalais, 4/5) (proxy: black Griffin mini)
  • BSW-S2 Bushwhacker (Wallace “Joy Boy” Joy, 4/5) (proxy: Jade Falcon Uller mini)
  • HEL-3D Helios (Mitchel Kun, 4/5) (proxy: 10th Lyran Crusader mini)
  • GHR-6K Grasshopper (Kyle, 3/4) (grey Grasshopper mini)
  • HBK-5S Hunchback (Kyle, 4/5) (green Hunchback mini)
  • CLN-7W Chameleon (Kyle, 4/5) (proxy: green Assassin mini)
  • WTH-2 Whitworth (Kyle, 4/5) (green Whitworth mini)


The Wolf’s Dragoons force consists of elements of Beta Regiment:

  • MTR-5K Maelstrom (4/5) (proxy: Jade Falcon Hellbringer mini)
  • MAD-9M Marauder (3/4) (proxy: Jade Falcon Summoner mini)
  • ARC-8M Archer (2/3) (proxy: grey Dire Wolf mini)
  • CTS-6Y Cestus (2/3) (proxy: tan Timber Wolf mini)
  • CBR-O2 Cobra (2/3) (proxy: grey Timber Wolf mini)
  • CDA-3F Cicada (4/5) (proxy: Jade Falcon Stormcrow mini)
  • WLF-2 Wolfhound (4/5) (proxy: Jade Falcon Executioner mini)
  • HMR-3P Hammer (5/6) (proxy: black Victor mini)

Wolf’s Dragoons forces entered from the north side of the map.




  • Lone Survivors: At least 25% of the players’ deployed force from TempTown survives. [SUCCESS]
  • Partial Extraction: At least 50% of the players’ deployed force from TempTown survives.
  • Full Extraction: 100% of the players’ deployed force from TempTown survives. [SUCCESS]


  • Shifting Battle: During the end phase of each round beginning with round 3 of TempTown, roll 2d6. On an 8+, immediately begin this track. (This occurred at the end of round 4)
  • Dusk: The Dusk rules (p. 58, Tactical Operations) are in effect.
  • Condition Feral: During the first round of this track, all mercenary and player forces have the option to surrender to Dragoon forces by powering down. Following the first round, any units that are not powered down will be fired on by the Dragoons.


Faced with overwhelming Dragoons forces, every member of the Deadspace Anomaly immediately powered down, leaving the few remaining aggressor units to slug it out with the feral Dragoons. Although the mercenary Awesome lasted a short time against the Dragoons onslaught, the Dragoons ultimately held the field.


Condition feral01
Wolf’s Dragoons march into TempTown as the merc Awesome and Starslayer stand defiantly amongst their shutdown Deadspace foes.

Condition feral02
The mercenary Awesome faces down the oncoming Dragoons, shortly before its obliteration.

Condition feral03
Wolf’s Dragoons stand triumphant amid the helpless Deadspace ’mechs.


With the death of Jaime Wolf and the onset of Condition Feral, the fighting throughout Harlech took on a new savagery. All night long, Beta Regiment pushed block by block through the streets, obliterating anything that did not immediately surrender.

There’s plenty of work to be had for mercenaries, but it looks like Outreach isn’t the place for it, at least for now.






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