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Contract Offers 10/20/3067

Date: 10/20/3067
To: Deadspace Command
From: Operations
Subject: Post-Outreach Contract Offers


I believe I speak for all of us in Deadspace when I say that I’m glad as hell to be off Outreach. I can understand the Dragoons going a bit nuts when General Wolf died taking down that crazy bastard Waco and his nutjob Rangers, but staring down the autocannons of a pissed-off Dragoon once was more than enough for one lifetime. Let’s try not to do it again.

Intel is still real sketchy about what exactly just happened on Outreach. As best we can tell, Waco’s Rangers, Smithson’s Chinese Bandits, the 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers, the Tiger Sharks, and a pot full of other hard luck mercenaries attempted to stage some sort of coup against Wolf’s Dragoons. They killed Jaime Wolf, and you saw firsthand what they got in return for their troubles.

To make a long story short, the Dragoons aren’t really happy with anyone right now, and while they’re building up for something, we’re not invited, and Outreach is pretty much closed to merc business for the moment. I’ve sent out feelers to some of my contacts, and I’ve come up with a few leads we may want to check out.

1. I’m not necessarily suggesting this is a good idea, but the Word of Blake is building up for something big. I got an offer from some WoB Militia recruiter, looking for mercs to guard supply depots and the like. Could be something Chaos March, could be something different. Hard to tell.

Cost: 400 WP
Payout: 200-600 WP
Terrain: Unknown
OpFor: Unknown

2. Apparently, Earthwerks, the big Capellan ‘Mech firm had a plant hit on Grand Base a while ago. Looks like they’re gearing up for a retribution strike, and that could be us if we’re interested. The guy I talked to wasn’t real upfront about it, but the target appears to be Tao Mechworks in Styk. We’d be hitting a ‘Mech facility, so probably defended by corporate security, maybe House troops if we’re really unlucky.

Cost: 500 WP
Payout: 500-1450 WP
Terrain: Urban
OpFor: Corporate security

3. After the recent end of the FedCom Civil War, House Davion’s looking pretty busted up. I talked to a guy I know in the AFFS, and we could probably get a cushy garrison job on New Avalon if we want. Pay’s decent, can’t beat the locale, and we could probably use a break after that crazy stuff on Outreach. And really, who’s going to attack the capital of the Federated Suns?

Cost: 400 WP
Payout: 200-600 WP
Terrain: Unknown
OpFor: Unknown

4. Big surprise, Skye’s heating up again. Are they pissed off at the Lyran Alliance brass? Posturing at the Free Worlds League? My contact wasn’t really clear, but she was pretty clear about Duke Kelswa-Steiner offering good cash for mercenaries.

Cost: 400 WP
Payout: 400-800 WP
Terrain: Unknown
OpFor: Unknown

Let me know if any of these sound appealing, and I’ll contact the right people and get started on the paperwork.

Lt. Marcus Graves

Operations Officer
Deadspace Anomaly


Aphexs Dwip

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