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Contract Offers 12/24/3067

Date: 12/24/3067
To: Deadspace Command
From: Operations
Subject: Post-Earthwerks Contract Offers


Good job on Styk. We’re down your Warhammer, and the Bandit’s going to be down for a while after that crazy escape you made. Are you trying to get a spot on one of those Immortal warrior holos, sir? I hear they’re looking for a new actor for those things – could be your big break.

Dramatic getaways aside, the great thing about corporate contracts is they pay well, and this one went off without too much of a hitch. Tao’s R&D facility is wrecked, and the suits at Earthwerks are ecstatic. One of them even offered to sell us a CTF-4L Cataphract at cost, which has got to be a big deal, since it was their Grand Base Cataphract plant that got whacked in the first place. That said, the Cappies were pretty polite about it, you know how they are, but it was pretty clear that we are now fairly toxic in Capellan space. If we don’t want Mask agents all over us, I’d suggest we find a more hospitable location shortly.

That’s going to be tough. I got a batch of news holos while we were on Styk, and it sounds like the whole Inner Sphere isn’t going to have a very merry Christmas. I’m attaching a selection of news clips to this, but here are the important bits:

- The Second Star League is done. Disbanded. Just like the first one, the House Lords got together and voted it out of existance. First time around, they went to almost obliterate the Inner Sphere fighting over the scraps during the Succession Wars. Hope this one won’t be as bad.

Sir, I know politicians are going to be politicians, and I was always a bit cynical about it, but the Star League was the Star League, you know? Some brightest age of humanity this is turning out to be.

- It gets worse. Nobody really knows what’s happening on New Avalon (maybe a good thing we skipped that contract, eh?), but the Blakists and maybe the Capellans nuked Tharkad right after the conference that dissolved the Star League. Archon’s dead. Victor Steiner-Davion’s dead, too. Served under him in the Civil War, and he was a good leader.

- Guess we know what the Dragoons were up to after Outreach. Tried to hit Mars, and the Robes really hammered ‘em. Multiple regiments, multiple WarShips lost? Dragoons probably deserve it after Outreach, and they probably should’ve known that that kind of force wasn’t going to do jack to Terra – I mean, the Wobblies have had it since ’58 – but…

It’s going to start getting really exciting here shortly. Talked to some of my contacts, and here’s what I can get us for contracts.

1. Robert Kelswa-Steiner’s looking for troops again, and no wonder, after what happened on Tharkad. Considering Skye’s rocky history with the Archons, the Blakist attacks, and whatever’s lingering after the FedCom War, we might be walking into a big political mess (and some cash), or maybe garrison duty. Hard to tell.

Cost: 400 WP
Payout: 150-800 WP
Terrain: Unknown
OpFor: Unknown

2. Looks like the Dracs are looking for troops too, on Dieron. Not sure what they need with mercs on a Military District capital world, but I’m sure the DCMS have their reasons. If I was Theodore Kurita and I saw what the Blakists were up to, I’d be nervous too.

Cost: 500 WP
Payout: 100-800 WP
Terrain: Unknown
OpFor: Unknown

3. AFFS needs mercs to help garrison Acamar. Place was Chaos March after the ‘57 war, but Duke Hasek-Davion just took it back. Sounds like the FedSuns commander wants us to help garrison the planet so they can send their regulars off to fight the Blakists on New Avalon and the Capellans over Tikonov. Might be some boring garrison duty, but then again, they didn’t call it the Chaos March because it was stable.

Cost: 400 WP
Payout: 50-850 WP
Terrain: Unknown
OpFor: Unknown

Let me know if any of these sound good, and I’ll get the ball rolling.

Lt. Marcus Graves

Operations Officer
Deadspace Anomalies


Aphexs Dwip

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