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Contract Offers 1/10/3068

Date: 1/10/3068
To: Deadspace Command
From: Operations
Subject: Pirate Band ID


Just heard back from AFFS about those pirates you took down. They said to pass on that they were impressed with our work, and to tell you that the interrogations led to some pretty interesting stuff. If you’ve never heard of the Lafayette Legion, well, neither had they. Apparently they’re a bunch of Xin Sheng types off of Liberty, who liked that planet better as Carver V and with a green flag over it. Felt the same about Acamar, too, but we put paid to that.

Like I said, AFFS is pretty happy about what happened here, plus the intel, and they’ve offered us some work if we want it.

1. Among other things, our prisoners coughed up the location of their base. How they found the coordinates to an uncharted system, I have no idea, but they’ve got a base on some asteroids in that system. Apparently used to be some kind of covert Capellan supply depot back before the 4th war. AFFS is looking for somebody to hit it, and they’d like it to be us.

Cost: 500 WP
Payout: 0-1050 WP
Terrain: Asteroid
OpFor: Pirates
Players: 75%

2. AFFS is also looking for people to help out in the fighting on New Avalon. The officer I talked to said it was pretty dismal out there – Robes are hitting them hard, and the Suns are looking for any bodies they can throw in on their side. I don’t think I have to tell you my opinion of my last vacation tour on New Avalon, but it’s your call.

Cost: 500 WP
Payout: 300-1000 WP
Terrain: Unknown
OpFor: Unknown
Players: Up to 100%

3. Maltex Corporation is looking for some people to pull security for their facilities on Dieron. Hear tell that Luthien has gone dark, and this may have something to do with it. Something’s up with the Dracs, but I’m not sure what it is yet. Money’s good, though.

Cost: 500 WP
Payout: 100-800 WP
Terrain: Unknown
OpFor: Unknown
Players: Unknown

Let me know what your answer to our AFFS guy is, and I’ll move on it.

Lt. Marcus Graves

Operations Officer
Deadspace Anomaly


Aphexs Dwip

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