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Mission Planning 4/10/3068

Date: 4/10/3068
To: Deadspace Command
From: 3rd Davion Guards
Subject: Status Report

Commander Fields,

Good work on your defense on the outskirts. Despite determined Blakist opposition, you and your people stood tall and defeated some of the Word of Blake’s best troops. Fighting is heavy in other parts of Avalon City, but our sector is relatively calm, for now.

We appreciate the large number of prisoners you took during the fighting. DMI tells us we’re getting good information, though Demi-Precentor MacInernay is holding out. I know that you’re anxious about your POWs, and our hope is that interrogation will reveal some actionable intelligence on that front. Until then, patience is the order of the day.

There is still plenty of work to be done here in Avalon City. Deadspace Anomaly is one of my least damaged units, and I have a number of missions you could do for us.

1. I need reinforcements for a company of Guards. They’re holding the line against the Blakists, but with your help I’m confident we could push them back, just like you did so ably in your own sector.

Cost: 400 WP
Payout: 0-1000 WP
Terrain: Urban
Players: Up to 50%

2. Interrogation of WoB prisoners has revealed a target of interest in a suburban school. We’re not entirely sure what it is, but we think a Blakist command post is located inside or nearby. We need someone to penetrate Blakist lines and investigate/destroy the target.

Cost: 200 WP
Payout: 0-875 WP
Terrain: Urban
Players: Up to 50%

3. Interrogation has also revealed the approximate location of a Blakist supply dump. The capture of those supplies could really help out our strained logistics, and also do a number on the Blakists.

Cost: 200 WP
Payout: 0-375 WP + supplies
Terrain: Urban
Players: Up to 50%

Get back to me ASAP, and I’ll get you some orders.

Colonel Jena Davion-Bath

Executive Officer
3rd Davion Guards


Aphexs Dwip

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