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Freeze the Line

Played 10/3/13
Players: Erik, Rema

Freeze the Line

11 FEBRUARY 3069

All units along the northern line are directed to hold their positions for the duration of the current extreme cold snap. Until it thaws, neither we nor the Word of Blake are likely to undertake any major operations.

However, do not become complacent by the lack of movement. Take this time to train your people and send out patrols – we don’t expect the Word to attack, but we’ve underestimated them before. Keep an eye out and be wary.

AFFS standing orders, February 3069


  • Battletech (MS2)
  • Open Terrain #2 (MS5)


The Attacker consisted of elements of Deadspace Anomaly.

  • P-1B Perseus (Milly Rebalais, 3/5) (proxy: Deadspace Warhammer mini)
  • MS1-O Men Shen (Jessi McKiernan, 3/5) (Deadspace Men-Shen mini)
  • Fulcrum Heavy Hover Tank (Alexander Jandreau, 4/5) (Deadspace Fulcrum mini)
  • Regulator Hovertank (“Boris”, 2/3) (proxy: Deadspace Bandit mini)

The Attacker enters from the south map edge on turn 1.


The Defender consisted of elements of the Word of Blake’s 36th Division (Purity of Thought IV-Kappa).

  • CHP-1N Champion (3/4) (proxy: Word of Blake Lightray mini)
  • GRM-R-PR29 Grim Reaper (4/5) (proxy: Word of Blake Shadow Hawk mini)
  • Stygian Strike Tank (4/5) (proxy: Lyran Guards Maxim mini)
  • Zephyr (2/3) (proxy: Beagle mini)

The Defender enters from the north map edge on turn 1.




  • Hammer: Destroy/Cripple at least 50% of the opposing force. [SUCCESS]
  • Crushing Force: Destroy/Cripple 100% of the opposing force. [SUCCESS]
  • Stalwart: At least 50% of the Attacker’s force must not be Destroyed/Crippled at the end of the track. [SUCCESS]


The following rules are in effect for this track:

  • Harsh Winter: Treat all non-water hexes as containing Deep Snow (TO, p. 41). Treat all water hexes as containing Ice (TO, p. 50).


Deadspace and Blakist forces met in an open plain and quickly advanced to contact. Most of the vehicles on either side were quickly immobilized and destroyed thanks to the effects of the deep snow drifts on hovercraft. A slugging match between the ’mech forces ended with the Word of Blake patrol completely destroyed and the Deadspace patrol heavily damaged.


Freeze line01
Round 1: The two sides advance. The Stygian and Zephyr immobilize the Fulcrum while the Deadspace Men Shen immobilizes the Blakist Zephyr and the Fulcrum destroys one of the Stygian’s lift fans.

Freeze line02
Round 2: The Men Shen and Regulator close, prompting return fire from the Blakist Champion that damages the Men Shen’s engine shielding. The Deadspace Persus destroys the Zephyr and with the help of the Regulator inflicts punishing damage on the Grim Reaper.

Freeze line03
Round 3: The Men Shen and Regulator fall back while the Fulcrum destroys the Stygian before Alexander Jandreau is hit by fire from the Grim Reaper, causing his panicked crew to shut down the heavily damaged vehicle.

Freeze line04
Round 4: The overheated Men Shen falls further back, while the Blakist Grim Reaper attempts to advance but is destroyed after accurate fire from the Perseus cause its ammo bins to detonate.

(GM Note: Yeah guys, let’s put CASE around the single brick of SRM6 ammo and not the two bricks of LRM20 ammo and brick of AMS ammo. THANKS COMSTAR)

Freeze line05
Round 5: The Champion suicidally attempts to close with the overwhelming Deadspace force, losing both vestigial arms and taking heavy internal damage after alpha strikes from the Men Shen and Perseus, but savages the Men Shen, causing damage to its MASC and engine systems as well as damaging a pulse laser.

Freeze line06
Round 6: The Champion closes further, using its SRMs to damage the Regulator’s hover systems but drawing intense fire from the Perseus.

Freeze line07
Round 7: The Blakist Champion destroys the Men Shen’s engine with cluster munitions but is in turn destroyed by massive retaliation from the Regulator and Perseus.


Skirmishing continued along the line for the next month, but neither side was able to launch major offensives until the spring thaw.


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