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High Voltage

Played: 11/07/2012
Players: Erik, Kyle, Rema

17 APRIL 3068

Commander Fields, we appreciate your recovery of intelligence from that Word of Blake command post two days ago. Since then, we’ve had our best people at work on the data. I won’t lie – leveling half of the school ruined a lot of valuable intelligence.

What we have found is grim. The units you encountered were Blakist death squads, and AFFS units are starting to encounter their handiwork as we retake Avalon City – mass graves of civilians, captured soldiers, teachers, government officials – anyone the Robes thought couldn’t be converted to their sick ideology.

There’s not much hope there, but there is some. We think we’ve found the location of some sort of camp, maybe for POWs. We’ll let you know what we find, but the data loss is severe. It needs more time.

Until then, we need the help of Deadspace Anomaly in finally pushing these Robe bastards out of Avalon City. Guards infantry and armor have pinned down a pocket of them inside a factory complex on the outskirts of the city. We need you to provide them with heavy support. Capture the Blakists if you can, shoot them down like dogs if you can’t.

Colonel Jena Davion-Bath, XO, 3rd Davion Guards


  • City (Hills/Residential) #1 (MS3)
  • City Street Grid/Park #2 (MS4)

The Defender designates up to 10 hexes per mapsheet as Heavy Industrial Zones (TO, p. 31).


The Attacker consisted of elements of Deadspace Anomaly supporting armor and infantry units from the 3rd Davion Guards.

  • DAD-3D Daedalus (Dyson Fields, 2/3) (proxy: Deadspace Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • GHK-6K Grasshopper (Mitchell McLanaghan, 2/4) (white Grasshopper mini)
  • TR-1 Wraith (Lefty Lucy) (unpainted Wraith mini)
  • Morningstar City Command Vehicle (3/4) (proxy: red Heavy Tracked APC mini)
  • Rommel Tank (3/4) (proxy: red Po mini)
  • Condor Heavy Hovertank (3/4) (Deadspace Condor mini)
  • Cavalier Battle Armor (Laser) (3) (proxy: red IS Battle Armor mini)
  • Cavalier Battle Armor (Laser) (3) (proxy: red Fa Shih mini)

Divide the Attacker’s force in half. Each half enters the battlefield at the start of the track from parallel edges of the map.


The Defender consisted of elements of the 36th Division (Purity of Thought IV-Kappa), including:

  • ON1-M Orion (3/4) (white/gold Orion mini)
  • WHM-7M Warhammer (3/4) (10th Lyran Warhammer mini)
  • KTO-21 Kintaro (3/4) (proxy: blue Centurion mini)
  • CRB-27 Crab (3/4) (proxy: unpainted Crab mini)
  • Demon (3/4) (proxy: unpainted Chevalier mini)
  • Demon (3/4) (proxy: unpainted Chevalier mini)
  • Longinus Battle Armor (Laser) (3) (proxy: red Elemental mini)
  • Longinus Battle Armor (Laser) (3) (proxy: blue Elemental mini)
  • Longinus Battle Armor (Laser) (3) (proxy: green Elemental mini)
  • Purifier Battle Armor (Laser) (3) (proxy: yellow Elemental mini)
  • Purifier Battle Armor (Laser) (3) (proxy: white Elemental mini)

The Defender sets up anywhere on the battlefield.




  • Gutted: Cripple/Destroy at least 75% of the opponent’s forces. [SUCCESS]
  • Crush: Destroy/Cripple 100% of the opponent’s force. [SUCCESS]
  • Caretaker: At least 50% of the 3rd Davion Guards units must survive. [SUCCESS]
  • Options: GM-selected options.


The following rules are in effect for this track:

  • Forced Withdrawal: All Davion Guards units operated under the Forced Withdrawal rules. The Word of Blake forces are trapped and will fight to the death.
  • Hazardous Machinery: Treat the interiors of all non-rubble Heavy buildings as Heavy Industrial Zones (TO, p 31). Any attack that does more than 10% of the building’s current CF may cause an unintended explosion.


Fighting centered around a hilly industrial area centered on worker’s housing units. Blakist infantry units initially holed up inside of the factory buildings while their ’mechs and vehicles attempted to outmaneuver the heavier Davion and Deadspace units. Ultimately the superior firepower of the Deadspace ’mechs carried the day.


High voltage01
Round 1: Deadspace forces enter the field, surprising a Blakist Kintaro, who falls over while trying to engage the enemy. The Davion Rommel ambushes a Word of Blake Demon, blowing an axle off.

High voltage02
Round 2: Both sides advance, while the Davion Rommel finishes off the crippled Blakist Demon.

High voltage03
Round 3: Battle armor from both sides engage, while the Blakist Warhammer immobilizes the Davion Morningstar and the Kintaro falls once more. The second Blakist Demon is immobilized by the Davion Condor.

High voltage04
Round 4: Dyson Fields simultaneously assassinates the fallen Kintaro with a headshot while damaging the Warhammer’s gyro.

High voltage05
Round 5: The Blakist Orion falls over while the Word of Blake infantry move to protect the fallen Warhammer.

High voltage06
Round 6: The Blakist Crab falls over while Dyson Fields destroys the Orion. The Blakist infantry spreads out, trying to engage the rapidly moving Deadspace/Davion force.

High voltage07
Round 7: The crippled Blakist Warhammer destroys the Davion Rommel while the Deadspace ’mechs move in on the Crab.

High voltage08
Round 8: Dyson destroys the Blakist Crab while the other Deadspace ’mechs, now heavily damaged, move for cover against the Blakist battle armor.

High voltage09
Round 9: Deadspace forces form a battle line and advance on the entrenched Blakist battle armor troops.

High voltage10
Round 10: The Deadspace assault pays off, destroying two units of Blakist battle armor. The remaining Blakists are now in desperate trouble.

High voltage11
Round 11: The remaining Blakist infantry moves to protect the fallen Warhammer while Deadspace ’mechs move into position.

High voltage12
Round 12: Dyson Fields moves to attack while the more damaged Deadspace ’mechs attempt to destroy the Blakist infantry.

High voltage13
Round 13: The long immobilized Blakist Warhammer is finally taken out by Dyson Fields, and the last few Blakist troopers futilely resist.

High voltage14
Round 14: Deadspace and Davion forces stand triumphant as the demoralized Blakists surrender.


After stiff fighting, Davion and Deadspace forces eventually overcame fierce Blakist resistance, crippling or destroying all enemy troops, though at the cost of heavy damage to several ’mechs and vehicles. With the elimination of this pocket, the Blakist incursion into Avalon City may be nearing its close.


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