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House To House

Played 3/13/2013
Players: Erik, Kyle, Rema


Commander Fields, by the time you receive this, the First Davion Guards, Davion Heavy Guards, and Davion Assault Guards will have launched a major offensive to push all remaining Word of Blake forces out of New Avalon.

The Third Davion Guards and Deadspace Anomaly are tasked to clear the rear area while the rest of the Brigade of Guards advances. This is no walk in the park – the Blakists have left a large number of stay behinds – infantry units with guerilla training. They’ve set up safe houses in the residential areas and are launching rocket, mortar, and car bomb attacks on AFFS troops and the remaining civilians caught in the crossfire.

Clearing these guys out is going to mean going house to house, identifying and seizing the houses occupied by the Blakist guerillas. We’ve triangulated on their firing locations and have a good idea where they’re hiding, but I need you to send some of your ‘mechs to escort my infantry and provide support should they encounter anything they can’t handle.

You’ve got a reputation for getting things done, Fields. Let’s get these Blakists the hell out of here. I’d like to take a shower without a rocket attack alarm going off for once.

Colonel Jena Davion-Bath, XO, 3rd Davion Guards


  • City Street Grid/Park #1 (MS4)

The Defender designates six building hexes as possible target buildings and shows them to the Attacker. The Defender then designates two building hexes as the safe houses as secretly notes their location.


The Attacker consisted of elements of Deadspace Anomaly supported by infantry units from the 3rd Davion Guards.

  • BSW-S2 Bushwhacker (Wallace Joy, 3/3) (Deadspace Bushwhacker mini)
  • PXH-4L Phoenix Hawk (Octavius McManus, 2/4) (Deadspace Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • Pegasus Hover Scout Tank (4/5) (Deadspace Pegasus mini)
  • House Davion Jump Laser Infantry (3) (white infantry)
  • House Davion Jump Laser Infantry (3) (green infantry)
  • House Davion Jump Laser Infantry (3) (blue infantry)
  • House Davion Jump Laser Infantry (3) (dark grey infantry)

The Attacker enters the map on turn 1 via any one map edge.


The Defender consisted of elements of the Word of Blake’s 36th Division (Purity of Thought IV-Kappa), including:

  • Katyusha MLRS (3/4) (proxy: unpainted Chevalier mini)
  • Katyusha MLRS (3/4) (proxy: unpainted Chevalier mini)
  • Word of Blake Foot Mortar Infantry (3) (proxy: yellow Elemental mini)
  • Word of Blake Foot Mortar Infantry (3) (proxy: cyan Elemental mini)
  • Word of Blake Foot Laser Infantry (3) (proxy: purple Elemental mini)
  • Word of Blake Foot Laser Infantry (3) (proxy: blue Elemental mini)
  • Word of Blake Foot Laser Infantry (3) (proxy: white Elemental mini)
  • Word of Blake Foot Laser Infantry (3) (proxy: red Elemental mini)

The Defender sets up anywhere on the battlefield. Up to 100% of the Defender’s force may be deployed using the Hidden Units rules (TW, p. 259).




  • Secure the safe houses: Determine which buildings are being used as guerilla safe houses and secure (not destroy) them. [SUCCESS]
  • Poor bloody infantry: At least half of the Attacker’s infantry units must survive for the shorter of ten turns or the duration of the track. [SUCCESS]
  • Counterinsurgency: Destroy/Cripple 25% of the Defender’s force. [SUCCESS]
  • Root them out: Destroy/Cripple 75% of the Defender’s force. [SUCCESS]


The following rules are in effect for this track:

  • Forced Withdrawal: Both sides follow the Forced Withdrawal rules (see p. 258, TW)
  • Salvage: Salvage rules are in effect for this track.
  • Fade Away: If the Attacker discovers and secures both safe houses, any remaining of the Defender’s units immediately withdraw using the Forced Withdrawal rules.
  • Safe Houses: The Attacker must identify and secure the safe house locations using infantry. Moving into a target building hex with an infantry unit immediately identifies it as being either a safe house or not. A safe house is secured by occupying its hex with an infantry unit and keeping it clear of any enemy units for an entire turn.


The Deadspace/Davion force moved methodically through the area, making good use of the Pegasus’ Beagle probe to sweep out the Blakist guerillas. Despite IED and rocket attacks near the center of the city, all of the Word safe houses were ultimately cleared with minimal casualties.


House to house01
Round 1: Davion infantry begin searching possible safe houses under the cover of Deadspace ’mechs.

House to house04
Round 4: Octavius McManus stumbles onto a Word of Blake mortar team and attacks. The second safe house possibility is found empty.

House to house05
Round 5: A sweep from the Pegasus’ Beagle probe reveals several platoons of Blakist infantry. Wallace Joy and the Davion infantry move to engage the mortar teams, while Octavius McManus engages a regular infantry platoon. Surprised by the sudden engagement, both sides fire erratically.

(GM Note: hitting at 4s, how hard could it be?)

House to house06
Round 6: Withering fire by the infantry/’mech teams destroys one of the mortar teams and one of the infantry platoons, while return fire is ineffective.

House to house07
Round 7: The Deadspace Pegasus reveals an ambush by Blakist rocket trucks, but suffers heavy damage to its air skirt and crashes into the lake after being engaged by Blakist infantry, who also detonate an IED beneath Octavius McManus’ Phoenix Hawk, causing massive damage to his leg armor. In return, Wallace and his infantry support destroy both rocket trucks and the remaining Blakist mortar team while suffering moderate damage in return.

House to house08
Round 8: Heavy fire against the house sheltering one of the Blakist platoons causes it to collapse, though some of the platoon manages to survive. Davion infantry begin their assault on the safe house location near the lake.

House to house09
Round 9: Davion infantry successfully wipe out the Blakists near the lake, while the disoriented survivors of the house collapse throw down their arms and surrender.

House to house12
Round 10: Davion infantry begin their assault on the final safe house, winding up with several prisoners as well as a cache of weapons and intelligence.


Capture of the safe houses has yielded a significant trove of both supplies and intelligence, and it seems likely that Word of Blake forces will soon be completely expelled from Avalon City and its environs.


Leave No Man Behind


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