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Infantry Salvage

Date 9/20/3068
To: Deadspace Command
From: Operations
Subject: Salvage


Those 3rd Davion Guards guys picked up a pretty big lot of Blakist gear out of that last operation. Davion intel hasn’t quite figured out what they were up to exactly, but they had enough rifles, body armor, explosives – you name it – to equip an army. Even after the Guards took their cut of it, we’ve still got an armory full of infantry weapons. If you ever wanted to stick one of those swank Mauser 1200s under the ejection seat, we’ve got a few spare, sir. Otherwise, we need to get rid of this stuff somehow, and I’ve been trying to come up with options for you.

1. We could simply sell this stuff to other merc units or even the black market. I’m hesitant to dump a bunch of high quality military weaponry where criminals can get to it, but I suppose there’s plenty around to be looted if they care that much.

Payout: 480 SP

2. I sweet talked some of those 3rd Guards battle armor guys we worked with a few months ago, and they’d swap us some of their excess Infiltrator Mk. I suits in exchange for this stuff. We can hire some people to crew them easily enough. Compared to more modern suits these things are terrible, but they’d get us in the battle armor game.

Payout: 2 4-man squads of Infiltrator Mk. I battle armor (standard or special ops variants) (TRO 3058 Upgrade, p. 14-15), crew included (random skills)

3. Had a talk with a quartermaster from the 1st Guards, and she’ll hook us up with some depot and tech time for pretty good rates. Not sure what she wants with crates full of Blakist assault rifles, but it would jump us to the front of the queue for some maintenance.

Payout: 400 SP worth of repairs or refits for 75% of cost for this track only

4. That NAIS guy knows a guy who knows a guy at the weapons lab who’s looking for a big quantity of this stuff for weapons testing. In return, this guy has access to some tech that just reeks of that new car smell, and he can break a bit out for us if we want it.

Payout: Choose one of – Hardened Armor (5 tons) (TO, p. 280), Laser Reflective Armor (5 tons) (TO, p. 280), Torso-Mounted Cockpit (TO, p. 301), Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle (TO, p. 314), X-Pulse Lasers (4 small, 2 medium, or 1 large) (TO, p. 321), Extended-Range LRMs (4 NLRM-5, 2 NLRM-10, or 1 NLRM-15/20) (TO, p. 326), Enhanced LRMs (4 ELRM-5, 2 ELRM-10, or 1 ELRM-15/20) (TO, p. 326)

5. Finally, if we ever wanted to field some infantry, this looks like our chance. I got approached by a Greg Jones of the “New Avalon Citizen’s Militia,” and he seemed interested in joining up if we could get him some better equipment than the hunting rifles and old 4th Succession War stuff they’re using right now. Despite the name, these people aren’t all green – there are some shopkeepers and housewives, to be sure, but also a fair number of ex-AFFS and even a couple of ex-FWLM. Might be worth a try.

Payout: 4 28-man platoons of foot infantry armed with Mauser 1200 LSS (random skills)

New Avalon Citizen’s Militia (Mortar)
Tech Base (Rating): Inner Sphere (E/X-X-E)
Transport Weight: 3 tons

  • Primary Weapon: 20 Mauser 1200 LSS
  • Secondary Weapon: 8 Heavy Mortars
  • Armor: Word of Blake Standard Infantry Kit
    Battle Value: 62
    Notes: Move or shoot, may fire indirectly (TO, p. 324)

Platoon Type (Specialty): Foot (None)
Ground MP: 1
Platoon Size (Squad/Platoon): 28 (7/4)
Damage Divisor: 2
To-Hit Modifier (Range in Hexes):
-1 (0 Hexes), 0 (1-3 Hexes), +2 (4-6 Hexes), +4 (7-9 Hexes)
Maximum Weapon Damage (# of Troopers):
16 (28 troopers), 15 (26-27), 14 (24-25), 13 (22-23), 12 (21), 11 (19-20), 10 (17-18), 9 (15-16), 8 (14), 7 (12-13), 6 (10-11), 5 (8-9), 4 (7), 3 (5-6), 2 (3-4), 1 (1-2)

I need to give these people answers ASAP, so I’d appreciate it if you could let me know what you want done with this gear as soon as you can.

Lt. Marcus Graves

Operations Officer,
Deadspace Anomaly


Aphexs Dwip

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