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Leave No Man Behind

Played: 01/17/2013
Players: Erik, Kyle, Rema

25 APRIL 3068

Commander Fields, we have finally decoded the intelligence you brought us from the Blakist death squad headquarters ten days ago. That intelligence has revealed that some of the people rounded up by the death squads, as well as some of our captured POWs, were taken to a prison camp located well behind Blakist lines in the remote northwest of the continent.

I’ve had our operations staff put together what they believe to be the best plan we have for getting our people back. Considering it was your intelligence that led us here, and considering that your people are possibly being held there, I want you to provide the heavy element for this operation. Here’s the plan:

A Leopard-class dropship, the Apollo, will transport you and a number of rescue vehicles. Due to enemy air defenses, a single DropShip should be able to make it through undetected.
Once over the target, either make an atmospheric drop of your ‘mechs and then land the Apollo at a nearby airfield and offload the rescue vehicles, or land hot and shoot your way out. The Apollo’s crew is well-trained in rough field operations, so the airfield is not strictly necessary, but may be wise. Additionally, a small team of Rabid Foxes special forces have been on the ground for several days. Link up with and extract them along with any prisoners in the camps.

In addition to your main mission of prisoner retrieval, there are a number of targets of opportunity present, including enemy POL stores and prisoner records. Destruction of these assets would hamper enemy operations.

Word of Blake forces in the area appear to be light, perhaps in Level II infantry and armor strength, but there is a large garrison element of ex-31st Division troops nearby that will respond rapidly to your incursion. Time is of the essence – get in and get out as fast as you can.

Good luck. Get our people out of there.

Colonel Jena Davion-Bath, XO, 3rd Davion Guards


  • City Ruins (MS2)
  • Battletech
  • Airfield #2 (MST1)


The Attacker consisted of elements of Deadspace Anomaly, backed by House Davion special forces units, including:

  • P-1B Perseus (Wallace Joy) (proxy: Deadspace Helios mini)
  • TYM-1A Toyama (Guy Lachermeier) (proxy: Deadspace Warhammer mini)
  • DAD-3D Daedalus (Dyson Fields) (proxy: Deadspace Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • PXH-4L Phoenix Hawk (Mitchell Kun) (10th Lyran Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • Leopard-class DropShip Apollo (proxy: dice container)
  • Heavy Hover APC (proxy: Deadspace Condor mini)
  • Heavy Hover APC (proxy: red Heavy Tracked APC mini)
  • Heavy Hover APC (proxy: Deadspace Pegasus mini)
  • Heavy Hover APC (proxy: Deadspace Bandit mini)
  • Infiltrator Mk. II (proxy: white Elemental mini)
  • Infiltrator Mk. II (proxy: yellow Elemental mini)
  • Infiltrator Mk. II (proxy: green Elemental mini)
  • Infiltrator Mk. II (proxy: purple Elemental mini)

The Deadspace Perseus and Warhammer deployed via suborbital drop on round 1, while all other units offloaded from the Apollo beginning in round 2.


The Defender consisted of Word of Blake guard troops, and contained:

  • Maxim Heavy Hover Transport (3058) (2/3) (10th Lyran Maxim mini)
  • Maxim Heavy Hover Transport (3058) (2/3) (10th Lyran Maxim mini)
  • Stygian Strike Tank (3/4) (proxy: unpainted Beagle mini)
  • Pinto Attack VTOL (3/4) (proxy: white Mantis mini)
  • Hawk Moth Gunship (4/5) (white Hawk Moth mini)
  • Motorized Platoon (SRM) (2)
  • Motorized Platoon (SRM) (3)
  • Jump Platoon (Rifle) (4)
  • Jump Platoon (Rifle) (4)
  • Unspecified heavy Level II of relief troops

The Defender sets up anywhere on the battlefield.


  • Wired To Blow: Up to four hexes anywhere on the battlefield may be treated as if wired by Demolition Engineers (TO, p. 341). Each charge does 25 damage when set off.


  • Freedom: At least 75% of prisoner units must be aboard the Apollo when it takes off. [SUCCESS]
  • Prison Riot: Destroy or cripple at least 75% of enemy forces present by end of track. [FAILED]
  • Hard and Fast: The Apollo takes off by the end of round 10. Freedom must also be complete. [FAILED]
  • Sealed Records: Destroy the administration building on the City Ruins map. [FAILED]
  • Out of Gas: Destroy the POL tanks on the Airfield map. [SUCCESS]


The following rules are in effect for this track:

  • Salvage: The Salvage rules are not in effect for this track.
  • Forced Withdrawal: The Forced Withdrawal rules are not in effect for this track.
  • Apollo: The Apollo has been refit to accept vehicles in her fighter bays. Vehicles may mount and dismount from Apollo’s fighter bays as if from vehicle bays. The crew of the Apollo is well-trained, and may take off in 15 hexes (instead of 20) with a Control roll.
  • Guard Towers & Walls: The camp is guarded by a number of guard towers. Each tower is 2 levels tall, has 25 CF, and mounts a single Machine Gun and Searchlight (7 hex range) per side. Each non-road paved hex on the City Ruins map is surrounded by a 1 level tall, 25 CF wall on every non-paved hexside. Hexes facing roads have 15 CF gates.
  • Freeing the Prisoners: Each camp area is guarded by a number of guard towers. As long as these towers are operational, the prisoners will stay indoors. In the End Phase of any turn during which all towers surrounding a camp area are destroyed, the GM places a number of infantry platoons representing prisoners (3 for the Long Camp, 5 for the Large Camp). Treat each platoon as a 30-man foot platoon that can deal no damage.


The Deadspace/Davion strike force came in hard and fast, quickly neutralizing the Word of Blake camp guards. Despite the successful strike, Guy Lacharmier, his Toyama, and one transport were lost and some 40 Davion prisoners were left behind.


Leave no man behind01
Round 1: The Apollo lands at the nearby airbase as Wallace Joy and Guy Lacharmier perform a combat drop on the prison camp. Guy’s Toyama fails its landing, but the assault force shoots down a patrolling Hawk Moth gunship and heavily damage a Pinto.

Leave no man behind02
Round 2: Demolition charges on some of the guard towers detonate, while Wallace and Guy engage the Blakist defenders and the Apollo unloads. A lucky shot from a Maxim transport takes down Guy once again.

Leave no man behind03
Round 3: All the guard towers are down, and the POWs begin to make their escape. Wallace and Guy continue to make short work of the defenders, immobilizing both Maxims and causing a Stygian to skid into a building and become stuck. Guy once again has trouble staying on his feet in the unfamiliar Toyama, but manages to stand at last.

Leave no man behind04
Round 4: Wallace kicks a Maxim’s side in while the rescue APCs make a run for the camp and Blakist infantry swarms Guy’s Toyama.

Leave no man behind05
Round 5: The remaining Blakist Maxim sideslips into the forest and explodes, but not before destroying one of the rescue APCs. The Apollo destroys the POL tank farm at the airbase.

Leave no man behind06
Round 6: The guards dealt with, the rescue force begins transporting prisoners back to the Apollo.

Leave no man behind09
Round 9: The last rescue APC runs for the Apollo as Guy Lacharmier bravely sacrifices his life to hold off a superior Word of Blake counterattack.

Leave no man behind10
Round 10: The Apollo takes off as a group of Word of Blake ’mechs looks on.


After the successful raid, almost all raiding forces escaped, either aboard the Apollo or on foot. Those Rabid Fox teams that remained on the ground were later exfiltrated without issue, though many of the prisoners had to be left behind. Those we extracted are currently awaiting psych eval.


High Voltage


House To House


A kind write, up I seem to remember us messing up a bit more. We were a bit rusty and battle worn is my only excuse. Hopefully we got some R&R coming up.

Leave No Man Behind

The longer I take to write these, the more I forget, the better we all look.

Expect more on the R&R thing soon. Would’ve had it tonight, but my writing sounded like a 2 y/o.

Leave No Man Behind
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