Thumbing a ride to Terra one planet at a time.


Played: 8/1/2012
Players: Erik, Kyle, Rema


Corporate contracts always have the potential to be shady, and this one is no exception. In May, somebody blew up the GM 280 VOX fusion plant at Earthwerks, Ltd’s Grand Base plant. Earthwerks’ Special Investigation Team has tracked down the culprits – rival Tao Mechworks, and now you’ve been hired for some payback.

Your mission is to infiltrate Tao Mechworks’ R&D facility on Styk, a small island called Fire Island near the planetary capital. Once there, you are to destroy building TM-834X-C, the main laboratory building.

In addition, destruction of a nearby communications tower should prevent, or at least slow down, reinforcement by Syn’s Hussars, a unit of Capellan Confederation Armed Forces troops that garrison Styk. Fire Island is connected to the capital by a causeway, and reinforcement will be swift if the Tao Mechworks security forces can get a warning out. Under no circumstances are you to cripple or destroy any Hussars units – Earthwerks executives are patriotic Cappelan citizens, and aren’t interested in bringing down the wrath of the Liao security services.


  • Fire Island #1 (Custom)
  • Fire Island #2 (Custom)


The attacker consisted of elements of the Deadspace Anomaly, including:

  • WHM-7M Warhammer (Dyson Fields, 3/4) (unpainted Warhammer mini)
  • WHM-7M Warhammer (Kyle, 4/5) (10th Lyran Warhammer mini)
  • GHR-6K Grasshopper (Kyle, 3/4) (grey Grasshopper mini)
  • Bandit D Hovercraft (5/6) (proxy: 10th Lyran Maxim mini)
  • Fulcrum Heavy Hover Tank (4/5) (proxy: large green hover tank)
  • Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058) (4/5) (proxy: tan hover tank)
  • Jump Infantry (Ballistic) Platoon (4/5)

Attacking units entered from the north map edge.


The defending force was made up of units from Tao Mechworks security, supplemented by Syn’s Hussars, a Cappellan House unit.

  • CRD-7L Crusader (4/5) (Tao) (10th Lyran Crusader mini)
  • CN9-D5 Centurion (3/4) (Tao) (blue/gold Centurion mini)
  • UM-R63 Urbanmech (4/5) (Tao) (proxy: brown Javelin mini)
  • Vedette Medium Tank (3058) (5/8) (Tao) (proxy: green wheeled tank)
  • 2 Foot Infantry (SRM) Platoons (3, 5) (Tao)
  • 2 Motorized (Wheeled) Infantry (Ballistic) Platoons (3, 4) (Tao)
  • TSG-9H Ti Ts’ang (5/6) (Syn’s Hussars) (proxy: purple Quickdraw mini)
  • CDA-3C Cicada (4/5) (Syn’s Hussars) (purple Cicada mini)
  • C-SK1 Cossack (5/6) (Syn’s Hussars) (proxy: purple Hermes mini)

All Syn’s Hussars begin the track off-board.


  • Dusk Firefight: Use the rules for Dusk (p. 58, Tactical Operations)
  • Overwhelming Force: Add in an additional 25% of Capellan troops.


  • Destroy the R&D Building: Destroy the R&D building by Turn 4. [SUCCESS]
  • Spare the Hussars: Do not cripple or destroy any Hussar forces present. [SUCCESS]
  • Cut Them Off: Destroy the communications array before the R&D building. [SUCCESS]


  • Forced Withdrawal: Syn’s Hussars operate under the Forced Withdrawal rules.
  • Infiltration: Attacking forces may enter via any map edge or by Atmospheric Drop.
  • Exfiltration: Attacking units survive the scenario by leaving the field via any map edge.
  • Warehouses: All Medium Level 2 buildings have ’Mech-sized doors. ’Mech units may enter and exit these building hexes without issue.
  • Buried Treasure: All warehouses contain containers of ’Mech parts and possibly advanced equipment. These containers may be picked up and carried by ’Mech units, or loaded onto vehicles using infantry units. Containers weigh 10 tons.
  • Call the Cavalry: At the end of each turn beginning with turn 3, the defender rolls 2d6. On a roll of 8+, the defender may bring all Syn’s Hussar units into play at the beginning of the next turn.


Deadspace forces attacked Fire Island in two groups from the north. The first, consisting mainly of hovertanks, took down the communications array while the second, ’mech-heavy force waded ashore and engaged the Tao defenders, who were no match for a trio of heavy ’mechs.

Quickly dealing with the Urbanmech and Vedette, the Deadspace ’Mechs obliterated the R&D building before turning on the Crusader, which fell over repeatedly before ultimately being destroyed by an ammo explosion.

As Deadspace forces withdrew in the face of the the oncoming Capellan reinforcements, the Tao Centurion went toe to toe with Dyson Fields in his Warhammer, bringing down the Deadspace commander in the midst of several platoons of Tao infantry. In a daring rescue attempt, the Deadspace Bandit crew rushed for their fallen commander, quickly picking him up before sideslipping into the Tao Centurion, stunning all aboard. While Tao and Capellan troops poured fire into the Bandit, rendering it more scrap than actual combat vehicle, it narrowly escaped, Fields aboard.

The remaining Deadspace infantry platoon, recruited just for this mission and stranded as their transport fled with their commander, was quickly shot down by the angry Capellans.


The communications tower destroyed, Deadspace ’Mechs approach the R&D building as the Tao Centurion returns from patrol.

The fighting heats up around the ruins of the R&D building as the Crusader falls down while Tao infantry and Centurion attempt to give support. Meanwhile, the weaponless Vedette crew flees.

In the narrow confines of the Tao facility, the fighting is cramped and fierce.

Mission complete, the Deadspace Bandit flees with their commander while Tao and Capellan forces look on.


The Deadspace Anomaly attack on Tao Mechworks’ R&D facility was quick and devastating. Though CO Dyson Fields’ Warhammer was lost, and Fields himself narrowly escaped capture by Capellan troops, the R&D facility lay in ruins, its defenders in disarray. Earthwerks was extremely pleased.


Condition Feral


Vacationing In the Wasteland


We have to do a better job at exfill. We need to cover each other, I will be frank here, when the Grasshopper and Kyle’s Warhammer turned and fled they left the bandit hover tank at the ware- house unprotected in the middle of loading loot. This forced me to march my Warhammer back in front of that RAC equipped centurion and ultimately led me to loosing the Mech, and almost my life. This is unacceptable if we are pulling back we can’t leave anyone behind. There is no reason this should have happened. The pair of Warhammers and the grasshopper (had they kept the field would have been more than enough to eliminate the centurion and cover the loading operations. I am aware we were in danger of being overrun by the Syn’s Hussers reinforcements but we need to maintain discipline at all times.

That being said hat’s off and bonus pay to the Pegasus crew and the heroic Bandit crew that saved my bacon. With my mech’s leg blown off and infantry squads clambering over my smoking Warhammer I thought I was a goner for sure. Let’s not let this happen again.

Aphexs Dwip

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