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Peaks of Blood

Played: 8/16/2012, 8/19/2012
Players: Erik, Rema

18 MARCH 3068

New Avalon is a mess. Never fully recovered from the FedCom Civil War, Avalon City and New Avalon more broadly were completely wrecked when the Word of Blake’s 31st Division (Purity of Faith IV-Mu) landed in December of 3067, supported by several Warships: the Eagle-class frigate Mordred, Riga-class frigate Red Angel, and the Essex-class Divine Forgiveness. Backed by orbital bombardment, the 31st Division took on and practically destroyed the 1st Davion Guards, 10th Lyran Guards, and 5th Donegal Guards.

Now you are part of a massive reinforcement drop by the AFFS, including the Davion Assault Guards RCT, Davion Heavy Guards RCT and 3rd Davion Guards RCT, as well as the 12th Vegan Rangers and other mercenaries. While you made planetfall alive and unharmed, not everyone can say the same – during the first attempt to reinforce New Avalon, Blakist Warships destroyed the entire Davion Light Guards RCT, vaporizing one of the most storied units in the AFFS down to the man.

Now both sides are preparing for a massive battle around Avalon City. Scouts from the 12th Vegan Rangers have spotted Blakist units in the mountain passes. You have been attached to a force from the 3rd Davion Guards and told to hold the mountains at all costs.


  • Scattered Woods (MS2)
  • River Valley (MS2)
  • Battletech
  • Mountain Lake (MS2)
  • Large Mountain #1 (MS5)
  • Rolling Hills #2 (MS3)


The attacker consisted of elements of the 36th Word of Blake Militia Division (Purity of Thought IV-Kappa), and included:

  • TR-1 Wraith (Demi-Precentor Irene MacInernay, 2/3) (proxy: black Griffin mini)
  • RFL-7M Rifleman (4/5) (proxy: 10th Lyran Warhammer mini)
  • BCN-3R Buccaneer (4/5) (10th Lyran Buccaneer mini)
  • RJN101-A Raijin (4/5) (proxy: dark blue Centurion mini)
  • CRB-27 Crab (5/6) (proxy: jade Catapult mini)
  • GUR-2G Gurkha (2/3) (proxy: purple Hermes mini)
  • HSR-500-D Hussar (4/5) (proxy: red Jenner mini)
  • HSR-400-D Hussar (5/6) (proxy: purple Cicada mini)
  • NXS1-B Nexus (4/5) (proxy: blue/grey Commando mini)
  • RDS-2A Red Shift (4/5) (proxy: tan Javelin mini)
  • LCT-5M Locust (4/5) (proxy: grey Uller mini)
  • LCT-5M Locust (4/5) (proxy: tan Uller mini)
  • Pinto Attack VTOL (2/3) (proxy: Visigoth mini)
  • Pinto Attack VTOL (3/4) (proxy: Visigoth mini)
  • Pinto Attack VTOL (4/5) (proxy: green hover tank)
  • Hawk Moth Gunship (2/3) (proxy: 10th Lyran Rommel mini)
  • Hawk Moth Gunship (4/5) (proxy: 10th Lyran Rommel mini)
  • Mantis Light Attack VTOL (4/5) (proxy: green wheeled tank)

Attacking units entered from the east map edge.


The defending force was made up of units from Deadspace Anomaly, backing ’mech and VTOL lances from the 3rd Davion Guards.

  • DAD-3D Daedalus (Dyson Fields) (proxy: MWDA Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • PXH-4L Phoenix Hawk (Milagria “Milly” Rebalais) (proxy: 10th Lyran Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • BSW-S2 Bushwhacker (Wallace Joy) (proxy: grey/red Black Hawk mini)
  • MS1-OC Men Shen (Jessi Mckiernan) (proxy: blue Mad Cat mini)
  • FLC-8R Falconer (2/3) (proxy: green Jagermech mini)
  • SHD-5D Shadow Hawk (2/3) (proxy: green Dervish mini)
  • ENF-5D Enforcer (4/5) (green Enforcer mini)
  • JVN-11D Javelin (4/5) (proxy: green Whitworth mini)
  • Yellow Jacket Gunship (2/3) (proxy: ???)
  • Yellow Jacket Gunship (4/5) (proxy: ???)
  • Warrior H-8 (3/4) (proxy: ???)
  • Cavalry (4/5) (proxy: ???)

Defending units entered from the western map edge.


  • Speedy Support: The Defender adds a lance of Davion Guards medium VTOLs; the Attacker adds a Level II of light VTOLs. These units are of Regular experience and do not enter the battlefield until Turn 4 and do not count for the Hold objective.


  • Hold: Retain control of the west edge, with no more than one enemy unit ending its turn within two hexes of the map edge. [SUCCESS]
  • Extreme Prejudice: Destroy at least half of the opposing force. [SUCCESS]
  • Lead From the Front: Destroy (not Cripple) the opponent’s designated commander. [FAILED]


  • Cliffs: The defender may designate up to 5 hexes per mapsheet to be Sheer Cliffs (TO, p. 39).


Both sides advanced to contact near the source of a small mountain river. Word of Blake light ’mechs attempted a crossing and were soundly defeated by superior Deadspace and AFFS firepower. Fighting then centered around a large hill and grove of trees seperated by a small lake, while overhead VTOLs fought a mess of dogfights and ground support attacks. Ultimately, AFFS and Deadspace forces were able to chase the Word of Blake from the field, crippling or destroying most of their units in the process.


Round 1: Deadspace and AFFS defenders advance in a line, while Word of Blake scouts, preceeded by two Locusts, advance in vee formation.

Round 2: Deadspace and AFFS defenders continue to advance in formation, while the Word of Blake ’mechs start to scatter as their light ’mechs draw ahead.

Round 3: Contact. The Word of Blake Red Shift, Locusts, and Hussar have fallen down after withering fire from the defenders. One Locust is cored by Wallace Joy in his Bushwhacker.

_Round 4: VTOL support enters the field from both sides as the ’mech battle turns into a confused melee. The crippled Red Shift is destroyed by a Cavalry VTOL, while a Yellow Jacket destroys one Locust.

Round 5: Demi-Precentor MacInernay enters the fray, while Jessi McKiernan’s Men Shen attempts to take the fight across the river and loses a leg for her trouble. The Word of Blake Gurkha is Wallace Joy’s second kill, while Dyson Fields claims a Word of Blake Hussar. Meanwhile one Word of Blake Pinto is shot down by a Yellow Jacket, though another Pinto destroys the AFFS Cavalry.

Round 6: Fighting moves over the river and into the woods, while another fight centers around a small hill southwest. The Word of Blake Rifleman and Buccaneer fall over along with the AFFS Javelin, while Dyson Fields avenges the AFFS Cavalry by shooting down its Pinto attacker.

Round 7: The battle spreads out. The AFFS Falconer takes up a sniper position on the large hill, while Precenter MacInernay, a Raijin, and a Buccaneer take on the AFFS Enforcer and Javelin. Dyson Fields claims another kill: the Word Nexus.

Round 8: The AFFS Shadow Hawk goes after the fallen Word Rifleman, while battles rage to the west and south. The Word of Blake takes a massive hit as Dyson finally destroys the long-fallen second WoB Hussar, the AFFS Shadow Hawk destroys the Rifleman, the WoB Crab is destroyed by Milly Rebalais in her Phoenix Hawk, and an AFFS VTOL shoots down the other WoB Hawk Moth.

Round 9: Pursuit begins as the remaining WoB forces attempt to flee the field. Dyson and Wallace shoot down the last remaining WoB VTOLs, a Pinto and Mantis.

Round 10: The Buccaneer finally falls to Dyson Fields as a legless Raijin attempts to cover the retreating Precentor MacInernay.

Round 11: Dyson executes the Raijin from long range as the Demi-Precentor escapes in her Wraith. A total victory for the defenders.


The Word of Blake scouting force ran into much heavier resistance than anticipated, and was almost completely wiped out, though Demi-Precentor MacInernay escaped. A large Word of Blake push can most likely be expected soon.


Vacationing In the Wasteland


Eyes On Target


Aphexs Dwip

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