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Phase Line Excalibur

Played: 9/20/12
Players: Erik, Kyle, Rema

30 MARCH 3068

“…comms fuzzy…kind of EMP…at…append?”

“…cloud! …ukes! …bastards nuked us!”

“…lo? Hello? …one there? …can’t see…bright light…was…straight at it…so hot…veryone’s dead…can’t feel…legs…hello? Anyone?”

“…we’re…attack! Robes…over us! Need…forcements now! They’re everywhere!”

“…units…all units…this is…nix… I repeat…Phoenix Actual…all Phoenix units…back…peat fall back…line Excalibur…repeat fall back to Phase Line Excalibur…under heavy…by Blakist forces…peat this is…”

Unidentified AFFS radio traffic in Balright Pass, 3/30/3068


  • Deep Desert (MST2)
  • Oasis (MST2)
  • Badlands #1 (MST1)


The Attacker consisted of elements of the Word of Blake’s 36th Division (Purity of Thought IV-Kappa) and included:

  • BMB-14C Bombardier (3/4) (proxy: Jade Falcon Mad Dog mini)
  • CHP-3P Champion (3/4) (proxy: Jade Falcon Hellbringer mini)
  • GRF-6CS Griffin (4/5) (black Griffin mini)
  • RJN101-C Raijin (4/5) (proxy: Jade Falcon Kit Fox mini)
  • CRB-30 Crab (3/4) (proxy: Jade Falcon Puma mini)
  • Lightning Hovercraft (3/4) (proxy: 10th Lyran Maxim mini)
  • MAD-5L Marauder (3/4) (proxy: white Marauder II mini)
  • BL9-KNT Black Knight (4/5) (proxy: black Victor mini)
  • BCN-3R Buccaneer (2/3) (10th Lyran Bucaneer mini)
  • INI-02 Initiate (4/5) (proxy: Jade Falcon Stormcrow mini)
  • Pinto Attack VTOL (4/5) (proxy: white Hawk Moth mini)
  • Cyrano VTOL (4/5) (proxy: Jade Falcon Visigoth mini)

The Attacker entered 25% of its force from the western map edge on Turn 2. The rest of its force entered on Turn 3.


The Defender consisted of elements of Deadspace Anomaly, including:

  • WHM-8D mod Warhammer () (Deadspace Warhammer mini)
  • WHM-7M Warhammer (Vladmir Olshansky, 3/5) (10th Lyran Warhammer mini)
  • CTF-4L Cataphract (Joey Winters, 3/5) (proxy: blue/grey Zeus mini)
  • GHR-6K Grasshopper (Mitchell McLanaghan, 2/4) (white Grasshopper mini)
  • DAD-3D Daedalus (Dyson Fields, 2/3) (proxy: MWDA Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • GUR-2G Gurkha (Milly Rebalais, 4/5) (white Gurkha mini)
  • MS1-OC Men Shen (Jessi McKiernan, 3/5) (Deadspace Men Shen mini)


  • Sand: Treat all Clear terrain as Sand (p. 39, TO).


  • Gauntlet: Exit at least half of the player’s force through their home edge. [FAILED]
  • Gutted: Cripple/Destroy at least 75% of the opponent’s forces. [FAILED]


The following rules are in effect for this track.

  • Forced Withdrawal: The Word of Blake forces operate under the Forced Withdrawal rules.
  • EMP: Use the rules for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) (p. 55, TO). All weapon attacks apply a +2 to-hit modifier, and a -2 penalty to rolls made on the Cluster Hits Table from any source. Active probes cease to function, and ECM systems have double effectiveness.
  • Salvage: The salvage rules are not in effect for this track.


Hotly persued by Blakist ’mechs, Deadspace screening ’mechs chose to turn and fight to allow the rest of Deadspace Anomaly and other fleeing AFFS units the chance to escape the oncoming 36th Division. While the initial engagement went in favor of Deadspace, the Blakists were able to leverage their superior numbers and ECCM/C3i capabilities to divide the Deadspace battle line, destroying or heavily damaging almost all of the Deadspace screening force and routing the rest.


Phase line excalibur02
Round 2: The Blakist Marauder deuls a Deadspace Warhammer while the Black Knight falls down attempting to hatchet the Deadspace Cataphract and several Deadspace ’mechs hammer the Initiate with withering fire.

Phase line excalibur03
Round 3: The Word of Blake fully enters the field. The Initiate falls down after another round of fire, while the Griffin kicks the leg of the Gurkha off. The Black Knight falls again after another attempt to chase down the Cataphract, while the Marauder closes with the Warhammer and begins inflicting TSM-enhanced physical damage.

Phase line excalibur04
Round 4: The WoB Initiate attempts to flee the battle, but is hounded by Dyson Fields in his Daedalus. The Blakist hatchet ’mechs finally close on the Cataphract, screened by vehicles. The Deadspace Warhammer is unable to escape the Blakist Marauder, while the Bombardier is too slow to escape the other Deadspace heavy ’mechs, and is put down by the Grasshopper.

Phase line excalibur05
Round 5: The Blakist Black Knight and Marauder do grievous damage to the Deadspace Warhammer and Cataphract, while the Initiate escapes the mass melee in the center of the field. Unnoticed, the legless Deadspace Gurkha drags itself from the field.

Phase line excalibur06
Round 6: The Blakist Initiate withdraws, while the Deadspace Warhammer and Men Shen rout, leaving behind the Cataphract, whose left leg no longer works. The Deadspace Grasshopper trips and falls, while the other Deadspace Warhammer falls and causes the pilot to black out.

Phase line excalibur07
Round 7: Though heavily damaged, the Deadspace Grasshopper manages to escape the field, leaving the Word of Blake in possession of the Warhammer, Grasshopper, and both pilots.


Sir, I don’t think I have to tell you that we got slaughtered out there. The -7M Warhammer and Cataphract are lost to the Blakists, as is that Gurkha we took from them. Worse, Joey Winters and Vladmir Olshansky were lost. Hopefully they’re POWs, but with Blakists you can never tell. About the only good news was that Jessi McKiernan was able to drag the Gurkha far enough away so she could escape. Some Davion Guards picked her up, and she should be home shortly.

We’re falling back all the way to Avalon City. This is going to get really ugly, really soon.

Lt. Marcus Graves

Operations Officer
Deadspace Anomaly


Communication Breakdown


The Fires of Heaven


Aphexs Dwip

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