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Played: 7/29/2012
Players: Erik, Kyle, Rema

Harlech, Outreach
Chaos March
15 October 3067

Your spirited but fruitless defense of the VP of GM Blackwell proved that in the now lawless streets of Harlech, no one is safe, and that includes you. TempTown has gone mad, with roving bands of mercenaries firing at one another with no apparent sides. What’s worse is, your unit is caught in the middle. Your choice now is simple: you fight, or you die.


  • City (Suburbs) (MS6)
  • City (Residential) (MS6)

Laid side by side. All forces were inserted at random locations with random facing.


The attacker was elements of several mercenary bands as well as individual MechWarriors, and consisted of:

  • AWS-8Q Awesome (2/3) (green Awesome mini)
  • APL-1M Apollo (4/5) (proxy: grey Orion mini)
  • STY-3C Starslayer (5/6) (proxy: dark blue Centurion mini)
  • BZK-F3 Hollander (4/5) (proxy: green Vindicator mini)
  • VLK-QA Valkyrie (3/4) (proxy: brown Javelin mini)
  • Manticore Heavy Tank (3025) (4/5) (proxy: large green tank mini)
  • J. Edgar Light Hover Tank (3025) (4/5) (proxy: green wheeled tank mini)
  • J. Edgar Light Hover Tank (3025) (4/5) (proxy: tan wheeled tank mini)


The defending force was the Deadspace Anomaly mercenary command, consisting of:

  • DAD-3D Daedalus (Dyson Fields, 3/4) (proxy: 10th Lyran Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • HBK-5S Hunchback (Milagria “Milly” Rebalais, 4/5) (proxy: black Griffin mini)
  • BSW-S2 Bushwhacker (Wallace “Joy Boy” Joy, 4/5) (proxy: Jade Falcon Uller mini)
  • HEL-3D Helios (Mitchel Kun, 4/5) (proxy: 10th Lyran Crusader mini)
  • GHR-6K Grasshopper (Kyle, 3/4) (grey Grasshopper mini)
  • HBK-5S Hunchback (Kyle, 4/5) (green Hunchback mini)
  • CLN-7W Chameleon (Kyle, 4/5) (proxy: green Assassin mini)
  • WTH-2 Whitworth (Kyle, 4/5) (green Whitworth mini)


  • Prolonged Fighting: To represent the protracted fighting, reduce ammo loads for all ballistic and missile systems by 50%, to a minimum of one round. In addition, each Deadspace ’Mech starts play with 1d6 groups of 1d6-1 (minimum 1) damage.


  • Stand and Deliver: Destroy at least 75% of the enemy force. [N/A]
  • Stay Alive: At least 50% of the Deadspace force should remain alive. [N/A]


  • Committed: Neither side may retreat as there is nowhere to retreat to. All units fight until crippled or destroyed.


The fighting in TempTown was a fragmented, shifting affair through the streets. While the majority of the merc and Deadspace forces worked for positioning around a large park area to the west, the Deadspace Helios and Daedalus fought off a smaller force of mercs, including the Manticore, J. Edgars, and Hollander. The Manticore and Hollander were quick to fall, one to crew death, and the other to loss of its right leg.

Ultimately, the fighting concentrated in a single side street, with Deadspace ‘Mechs attempting to take down the mercs while avoiding the fearsome firepower of the merc Awesome and its elite pilot. In this, Deadspace was successful, taking down all the mercs except the Starslayer, Awesome, and a single J. Edgar by the time Wolf’s Dragoons arrived on the scene.


The stand of the Deadspace Anomaly was suddenly interrupted by the onset of Condition Feral and the arrival of Wolf’s Dragoons on the scene…


Temp town01
Vicious street fighting in TempTown. A legless Hollander and two J. Edgars face down the Deadspace Helios and Daedalus, while the majority of the Deadspace forces close in on the merc Apollo and Valkyrie while the Starslayer and Awesome jockey for position with the Hunchback and Whitworth.

Temp town02
The battle fragments as the merc Starslayer crashes through an apartment building, surprising the Deadspace Whitworth, while the merc Valkyrie and Deadspace Chameleon draw away as the Awesome looks on.


Another Day, Another C-Bill


Condition Feral


Aphexs Dwip

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