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The Fires of Heaven

Played: 10/5/2012, 10/10/2012
Players: Erik, Kyle, Rema, Will

7 APRIL 3068

Commander Fields, I understand you took heavy losses, including some of your people taken prisoner, during the retreat from Balright Pass. You are not alone – the Blakists hit us hard, first with nukes, then with their best troops. We’re damn lucky it didn’t turn into a complete rout. As a result, high command’s attempts to regroup at Phase Line Excalibur were not successful.

Our new plan is to hold the line at the outskirts of Avalon City. I cannot stress to you the importance of holding this line – if we lose Avalon City, NAIS, Castle Davion, and the rest, the blow to morale will be considerable.

We don’t know what to expect from the Blakists. This is the final push, so expect everything from orbital bombardment to, and I pray this isn’t the case, more nuclear weapons. In return, you can expect whatever we can give you in support.

Kick them in the teeth, Fields. We need to get this done, and then we can find your people and kick these Robe bastards in the ass and off our world.

Good luck and the wisdom of the Unfinished Book be with you. I’ll see you on the other side.

Colonel Jena Davion-Bath, XO, 3rd Davion Guards


  • City (Residential) (MS6)
  • City Street Grid/Park #1 (MS4)
  • City (Hills/Residential) #1 (MS4)
  • Open Terrain #1 (MS5)
  • Rural #1 (MST1)
  • Rural #2 (MST2)


The Attacker consisted of elements of the Word of Blake’s 36th Division (Purity of Thought IV-Kappa) and included:

  • TR1 Wraith (Demi-Precentor Irene MacInernay, 2/3) (Unpainted Wraith mini)
  • TYM-1A Toyama (2/3) (Urban camo Toyama mini)
  • P1B Perseus (2/3) (White/Gold Orion mini)
  • WHF-3B White Flame (4/5) (proxy: 10th Lyran Thunder Hawk mini)
  • BCN-3R Buccaneer (4/5) (10th Lyran Buccaneer mini)
  • INI-02 Initiate (3/4) (proxy: 10th Lyran Crusader mini)
  • LCT-5M Locust (4/5) (White Locust mini)
  • MCY-97 Mercury (3/4) (proxy: 10th Lyran Wolfhound mini)
  • Po (Light Gauss) (2/3) (Unpainted Po mini)
  • Demon (4/5) (proxy: unpainted Chevalier mini)
  • Myrmidon Medium Tank (4/5) (proxy: 10th Lyran Rommel mini)
  • Zephyr (2/3) (proxy: unpainted Beagle mini)
  • Purifier Adaptive Battle Armor (TAG) (4) (proxy: Jade Falcon Elementals)

The Attacker enters from the western map edge.


The Defender consisted of elements of Deadpsace Anomaly, supported by elements of the 3rd Davion Guards, including:

  • WHM-8D Warhammer (Dyson Fields, 2/3) (Deadspace Warhammer mini)
  • HEL-3D Helios (Mitchell Kun, 3/5) (Deadspace Helios mini)
  • LNX-9Q Lynx (X, 4/5) (proxy: black Shadow Hawk mini)
  • GRF-XX Griffin (X, 4/5) (Urban camo Griffin mini)
  • GHR-6K Grasshopper (Mitchell McLanaghan, 2/4) (white Grasshopper mini)
  • GHR-6K Grasshopper (Ramon Quinones, 4/5) (grey Grasshopper mini)
  • Fulcrum Heavy Hover Tank (Alexander Jandreau, 4/5) (Deadspace Fulcrum mini)
  • Pegasus Hover Scout Tank (Max Vandoren, 4/5) (Deadspace Pegasus mini)
  • MDG-2A Rakshasa (5/6) (proxy: grey Mad Cat mini)
  • NGS-5T Nightsky (4/5) (proxy: white Gurkha mini)
  • SRM Carrier (3058) (proxy: unpainted Chevalier mini)
  • Vedette (3058) (proxy: Deadspace Bandit mini)
  • Cavalier Battle Armor (Laser) (3) (proxy: unpainted Hauberk mini)
  • Infiltrator Mk. II Battle Armor (4)
  • LRM Jump Infantry Platoon (4)
  • LRM Jump Infantry Platoon (4)

The Defender deployed within the western half of the field. The SRM Carrier, Infiltrator Mk. II, and both LRM Jump Infantry platoons began as hidden units.




  • Hold the Line: Cripple/Destroy at least 75% of the Attacker’s force. [SUCCESS]
  • Stalwart Defense: No more than 50% of the Defender’s force may be Crippled/Destroyed. [FAILED]
  • Nemesis: Destroy Demi-Precentor MacInernay’s Wraith. [SUCCESS]


The following rules are in effect for this track:

  • Forced Withdrawal: All units follow the Forced Withdrawal rules.
  • Morale: Any unit that takes 40+ damage during a single phase from artillery or orbital fire attacks must roll a 5+ on 2d6 or enter Forced Withdrawal. For each point of Gunnery skill below 4, modify the TN by -1. For each 10 points of damage in excess of 40, modify the TN by +1.
  • Salvage: Salvage is in effect for this track. Leave all Crippled/Destroyed units on the field: they may be further damaged by artillery or orbital fire attacks.
  • Fire Support: Once per turn for the Defender (beginning on turn 1) or once every other turn for the Attacker (beginning on turn 2), during the Targeting phase, both Attacker and Defender may check for available artillery/orbital fire support (see p. 179, TO).


Early orbital fire support by Blakist warships effectively divided the battlefield in two, with Word of Blake troops advancing in a broad line against two seperate groups of allied forces. Blakist scouting efforts were demolished by hidden AFFS units who were then swiftly destroyed. Allied troops made effective use of cover and smoke to avoid being overwhelmed by the slower but more proficient Blakist forces, and ultimately won a battle of attrition, forcing the Word troops to retreat from the battlefield.


Fires of heaven02
Round 2: Orbital bombardment from Word of Blake naval assets levels large areas of the city, incenerating two platoons of AFFS jump infantry and damaging several ’mechs, the Deadspace Lynx most severely. Blakist forces combine fire on an AFFS SRM carrier and Infiltrator Mk. II squad that have just blown the leg off a WoB Mercury and left it crippled with multiple engine and gyro hits. The Deadspace Griffin lays down covering smoke.

Fires of heaven03
Round 3: The Blakists advance up the left flank with the Wraith and several vehicles, while the White Flame and Buccaneer advance up the right flank, backing up the AFFS Rakshasa while the Deadspace Lynx engages the Wraith, heavily damaging its engine, while the Blakist Locust tangles with Dyson Fields and is put down.

Fires of heaven04
The Deadspace Griffin lays more smoke, but is engaged by the Blakist Toyama and Initiate and knocked down. The Buccaneer and White Flame obliterate the AFFS Vedette, but are savaged by Deadspace Grasshoppers. Meanwhile, Demi-Precentor MacInernay attempts to retreat past the immobilized Deadspace Fulcrum while Blakist armor assets provide covering fire.

Fires of heaven05
Round 5: The Zephyr takes down the Helios, causing Mitchell Kun to black out, but Deadspace takes out the Blakist Myrmidon in revenge. The immobilized Fulcrum is put down while the Wraith attempts to retreat. The White Flame enters into melee with both Grasshoppers in the smoke, covering the advance of the Perseus, while the Toyama takes up the covering position it will remain in.

Fires of heaven06
Round 6: Demi-Precentor MacInernay’s Wraith overheats and shuts down, leaving her easy prey. Fire from the Deadspace Griffin knocks down the Initiate, causing the pilot to black out. The White Flame knocks down the Rakshasa as the Perseus and Grasshoppers duke it out and the tanks take on the Deadspace mediums.

Fires of heaven07
Round 7: The Initiate goes down once more as the White Flame kicks over the Rakshasa and the Perseus fires into Ramon Quinones’ Grasshopper, blowing his head off.

Fires of heaven08
Round 8: The White Flame takes an unfortunate shot to the cockpit from the AFFS Rakshasa while tanks and ’mechs trade fire.

Fires of heaven09
Round 9: The Blakist Perseus fires on the Rakshasa, causing several tons of ammo to turn the ‘mech into shrapnel, but is then taken down by Mitchell McLanaghan’s Grasshopper. The Lynx and Nightsky finally cause the Toyama to break cover, while the Initiate attempts to take on the Griffin.

Fires of heaven10
Round 10: The Toyama falls after fire from Dyson Fields and the AFFS Nightsky, while the Griffin and Initiate duke it out. Badly aimed Long Tom fire from supporting AFFS artillery batteries brackets Dyson Fields and the unconcious Mitchell Kun.

Fires of heaven11
The Toyama is finally destroyed as the Blakist Zephyr, Initiate, and Purifiers escape from the field. Avalon City has held.


Sir, we very much kicked the Wobblies in the teeth like the lady asked, but they kicked back. We took a lot of prisoners and a lot of salvage, but Ramon Quinones bought it, and Mitchell Kun isn’t much better. The Davion Guards really took a beating – their Nightsky and a single Cavalier are the only ones who made it out alive.

I’d like to chase these guys down and finish it, sir, but it’s going to be a while. We need to fix ourselves first.

Lt. Marcus Graves

Operations Officer
Deadspace Anomaly


Phase Line Excalibur


My Brother’s Keeper


Edited to reflect the mission objective outcomes. We destroyed 75% of their forces but lost just over 50% of our forces.

The Fires of Heaven
Aphexs Dwip

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