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Vacationing In the Wasteland

Played: 8/8/2012
Players: Erik, Kyle, Rema

8 JANUARY 3068

Garrison duty. Not the most exciting duty for a mercenary unit, especially with a war on, but after what you went through on Outreach and Styk, maybe some R&R is just what the doctor ordered. Fix up some ‘mechs, do some refits, take a breather. The only two problems with that idea is that your garrison post is some mining camp in the ass end of nowhere, and it’s snowing, and you don’t have a sled big enough for a Warhammer.

Make that three problems: Acamar ATC just picked up a group of pirate DropShips, and they’re headed right for you.


  • Desert Mountain #2 (MS3)
  • Badlands #1 (Custom)
  • Rolling Hills #2 (MS3)
  • Desert Hills (MS2)

Ice planet a
Heavy Mining Base S-65Ti on Acamar that Deadspace Anomaly was assigned to garrison.


The attacker consisted of elements of the pirate band Lafayette’s Legion, including:

  • WHM-8D Warhammer (3/4) (10th Lyran Warhammer mini)
  • CTF-3D Cataphract (5/6) (proxy: blue/gold Centurion mini)
  • KW1-LH8 Lineholder (4/5) (proxy: green Jagermech mini)
  • ENF-5D Enforcer (5/6) (green Enforcer mini)
  • PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk (4/5) (dark blue Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • VND-1R Vindicator (3/4) (jade Vindicator mini)
  • Condor Hover Tank (Davion) (5/6) (proxy: tan hover tank)
  • Drillson Hover Tank (5/6) (proxy: green hover tank)
  • Maxim Heavy Hover Transport (4/5) (Maxim mini)
  • Maxim Heavy Hover Transport (4/5) (Maxim mini)

Attacking units entered from the east map edge.


The defending force consisted of two lances from Deadspace Anomaly.

  • WHM-7M Warhammer (Kyle) (unpainted Warhammer mini)
  • GHR-6K Grashopper (Kyle) (blue/grey Grasshopper mini)
  • CTF-4L Cataphract (Kyle) (proxy: grey Atlas mini)
  • HEL-3D Helios (Mitchell Kun, 4/5) (proxy: unpainted Masakari mini)
  • BSW-S2 Bushwacker (Wallace Joy, 4/5) (proxy: Jade Falcon Uller)
  • HBK-5S Hunchback (Kyle) (green Hunchback mini)
  • PXH-4L Phoenix Hawk (Guy Lachermeier, 4/5) (10th Lyran Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • MS1-OC Men Shen (Jessie Mckiernan, 4/5) (proxy: blue Mad Cat mini)

The Grasshopper and Hunchback began the track hidden. All other units started on the western half of the map.




  • They must not pass!: Keep more than 50% of the Attackers from exiting the Defender’s home edge. [SUCCESS]
  • Intelligence is information: Capture or cripple at least one Attacker unit for interrogation. [SUCCESS]
  • No remorse: Keep all enemy forces from exiting their home edge. [FAILED]


  • Blowing Snow: Use the Snow Flurries rules (see p. 60, TO).
  • Harsh Conditions: All equipment may malfunction because of harried technical crews and brutal weather.
  • Forced Withdrawal: The Lafayette Legion operates under the Forced Withdrawal rules.
  • Prior Knowledge: The Defender receives a +3 initiative bonus for the first two turns to reflect the surprise of the ambush.


The pirates attempted a two-pronged attack against the Deadspace defenders, with their ’mechs attacking in force straight up the middle while the tanks and their infantry cargo attempted to flank to the south.

The northern ’mech battle was fierce, with several Deadspace ’mechs, including the Helios, heavily damaged by the pirates, who in turn lost several ’mechs attempting to break through. Meanwhile, the vehicles ran past the Deadspace Warhammer to the south, then made a break for the other end of the field.

In the ensuing running battle, the pirate Phoenix Hawk and Enforcer managed to escape the field, while all other pirate forces were destroyed, at the cost of a great deal of damage to the mercenary defenders.


Deadspace defenders await the coming pirate attack.

Round 1: The pirate ’mechs assault the center of the field as their vehicles attempt to outflank the Deadspace defenders.

Round 2: The Deadspace Warhammer falls over as the pirate Enforcer and Vindicator move to support the vehicles. The Deadspace Helios falls back after a deadly barrage from the pirates.

Round 3: The Deadspace Warhammer savages the pirate Vindicator while the Deadspace Cataphract does the same to the pirate Phoenix Hawk. Meanwhile, the pirate vehicles move past the fighting, straight into the lasers of a hidden Deadspace Grasshopper.

Round 4: The pirates attempt to scatter. The Warhammer moves to join the vehicles, while the Cataphract takes a fall and is thrashed by Deadspace ’mechs. Meanwhile, the Deadspace Grasshopper attacks the fleeing vehicles, while their Warhammer finishes the Vindicator.

Round 5: The pirate Cataphract is down, and the Warhammer has fallen down, but the Deadspace Men Shen has fallen to MASC failure while the pirate Enforcer tries to backstab the already wounded Helios. The Grasshopper, meanwhile, claims its first Maxim transport.

Round 6: The pirate Condor falls to the Grasshopper, the Drillson is almost completely crippled, but the second Maxim makes a break for it while the remaining pirate ’mechs scatter.

Round 7: The pirate Phoenix Hawk has escaped, while Deadspace ’mechs are in hot persuit of the remaining pirates.

Round 8: The Deadspace Hunchback has fallen down, and the pirate Enforcer has escaped, but the survival of the remaining pirates looks grim.

Round 9: The pirate Maxim and Warhammer are down, leaving only the barely-moving Drillson hover tank. A Deadspace victory is certain.

Round 10: Deadspace ’mechs surround the twisted remains of the pirate Drillson. Deadspace Anomaly has succeeded in almost totally driving off a major pirate attack on Acamar.


The pirate attack on Acamar failed completely, with the bulk of the raiders destroyed on landing, and the rest mopped up within a day. Interrogation of the prisoners pointed at a larger pirate base in an uncharted system.




Peaks of Blood


Comments from Deadspace Anomaly CO Dyson Fields.

Good work on this mission, from the sounds of it you accomplished a great feat in the middle of a debilitating blizzard. What gun cam footage I saw from the few un-frozen cams showed superior tactics and use of terrain to slow down the advancing pirates. This mission will become another “feather in our hat” employer is extremely happy and interested in working with us more in the coming months, more on that soon. In the mean time stay frosty, we will get you off this frozen rock soon.

Vacationing In the Wasteland

What Dyson did not mention is that he viewed the gun cam footage while sipping Mai-tais as he convalesced on a warm beach.

Vacationing In the Wasteland
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