Lt. Marcus Graves

Operations Officer of Deadspace Anomaly


Born on the Lyran planet of Aristotle, this former Mechwarrior joined the military of a dying Federated Commonwealth in the early 3060s. Posted to the 23rd Arcturan Guards RCT, Marcus fought on Victor’s side of the FedCom Civil War, fighting on Tikonov and during the retreat of Allied forces from Thorin. Thrown back into the meatgrinder of Tikonov, Marcus was promoted to the 23rd’s operations staff shortly before the landing on New Avalon in early 3067. Unfortunately, Marcus’ luck ran out when his Hatchetman was caught in an artillery barrage. Doctors could fix the shrapnel wounds, but they couldn’t fix the vertigo whenever Marcus put on a neurohelmet.

Unable to pilot a ’Mech, cashiered from a military that no longer existed, an outsider in both halves of his former home, Marcus turned to mercenary work, leveraging his skills at staff work to land a job as the operations officer for a new merc unit called Deadspace Anomaly.

Still wearing his old FedCom uniform jacket and Leftenant’s chevrons, Marcus can usually be found tirelessly sorting out Deadspace’s supplies, one hand holding a communicator as he chats up his contacts from the old days, trying to get his new unit the best contract he can.


Lt. Marcus Graves

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