Milagria “Milly” Rebalais


Pilot: 5
Gunnery: 4
Total XP: 2
Available XP: 2
Mech: Hunchback HBK-5S
Kills: 0

Milly was born and raised in the International Zone in Solaris City. Her mother an esteemed mech-jocky of some ability and her father a wizard of a tech. She was literally raised on the circuit and it is no surprise that she followed in her mothers footsteps. Her involvement brought her into contact with Dyson Fields and several of the other pilots who now comprise Deadspace Anomaly. She broke ties with her stable on Solaris and joined the up-start mercenary corp at there inception where she pilots a hand-me down Hunchback HBK-5S. She has little to no political entanglements or national connections making her a perfect mercenary. Rumors of a romantic liaison with the Mercenary Commander Dyson Fields have begun to spread within the unit.


Milagria “Milly” Rebalais

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