Bandit Hover Craft


Bandit Medium Hovercraft

Piloted By: Sharron Engelke
Mass: 50 Tons Movement Type: Hover
Power Plant: VOX 215 Fusion
Cruising Speed: 97kph Flank Speed: 151 kph
Armor: ProTech 5
Armament: 7 tons of pod space available
Version D
3 Federated 5-Shot LRM 5s
Manufacturer: Blackwell Corporation
Primary Factory: Outreach
Communication System: Dalban StarLink II
Targeting and Tracking System: Garret E5a


Shortly after Wolf’s Dragoons appeared in the Inner Sphere, they contracted with the Blackwell Corporation, then a minor manufacturer of actuator parts and ’Mech components, to exclusively produce three vehicles for them—the Kestrel VTOL transport, the Badger APC, and the Bandit hovercraft. By all accounts, the Dragoons supplied not only the finished plans for these vehicles but also significant technical assistance, expanding and upgrading Blackwell’s operations so the company could build the vehicles. Blackwell delivered the first Bandit in March of 3008, a little more than a year after the mercenaries first made contact with the company.


Very likely an old Clan design hailing from the Golden Century, the Bandit has served the Dragoons well. The first OmniVehicle design in the Inner Sphere (along with the Badger), it is quickly reconfigurable and extremely versatile. The Dragoons commonly field seven major configurations, some concentrating on close-in firepower while others excel in ranged combat.


Bandits make up some half of the APCs in service with the Dragoons. Most are assigned to the Dragoons’ Support Command and the Home Guard, though some serve in line combat units. Throughout its service life within the Inner Sphere, the Bandit has been sold exclusively to the Dragoons. Based on the number of Bandits seen within the ranks of other mercenary units of the AMC, however, the Dragoons must have lifted that restriction. Likewise, the Dragoons were likely selling it to the Star League before that body’s collapse.


[Editor’s note: in the time since first publication, it has become clear that this vehicle is indeed an Omni unit as well.] Unique among OmniVehicles, there is a distinct Clan variant of the base chassis. It is nearly identical to the Inner Sphere Bandit, with one exception: mounting ferro-fibrous armor gives these hovercraft an extra two valuable tons, allowing them to carry a greater load of infantry and mount additional weapons. The first configuration is similar to the Inner Sphere “C” loadout, mounting paired Streak SRM-6 launchers in the turret. The second mounts an ER Large Laser and a standard SRM-2 rack in the turret, with a second SRM-2 launcher fixed forward. Even now, two decades since Operation REVIVAL began, additional configurations have been seen among the Clans, though infrequently. Wolf’s Dragoons only fields a limited number of these models.

Notable Crew

Sergeant Halowin Briggs: A vehicle commander in the Wolf’s Dragoons Home Guard, Briggs and her platoon were on training maneuvers when Colonel Wayne Waco and the insurgents he led assaulted Harlech. Briggs, a veteran of combat on a dozen worlds, including Outreach during the Dragoons Civil War, rushed back to Harlech at the height of the battle, adding what fire she and her platoon could. Racing through the battered and destroyed streets, she sniped at insurgent ’Mechs and mowed down any other enemies she encountered.

Deadspace Anomaly obtained this vehicle literally as they were boarding drop ships in Harlech city after fighting there way through the madness that overcame Temptown. They absorbed the few remaining assets of another smaller merc body that had been left completely decimated. This brought the Bandit, a Fulcrum Heavy Hover Tank and a Pegasus scout Hover Tank and crews into the organization. All three proved to be vital assets and were responsible for the overwhelming victory during the next mission on Styks but the bandit stood out amongst them. Narrowly escaping after rescuing the Corps CO Dysun Fields from impending capture or death.

Bandit Hover Craft

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