Piloted By: CO Dyson Fields
Mass: 45 tons Chassis: Earthwerks PXH II Endo Steel
Power Plant: Hermes 270 XL Cruising Speed: 65 kph
Maximum Speed: 97, 119 kph w/Triple-Strength Myomer
Jump Jets: Rawlings 45 Jump Capacity: 180 meters
Armor: Durallex Light

1 Tronel XIV-EXP Large X-Pulse Laser
4 Ramtech 1500Z ER Medium Lasers
2 Magna Mk IV ER Small Lasers
Innovative Design Concepts Primary Factory: Solaris VII
Communications System: Dalban VirtuTalk
Targeting and Tracking System: Dalban HiRez III Advanced FCS

Built off the frame of an original PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk, IDC updated the ’Mech with technological innovations such as endo steel and an XL engine. Originally equipped with a large pulse laser and several missile racks, the Daedalus gave its best performances at long range, and it had the maneuverability to keep out of harm’s way. However, continuing technological advances eventually left this once cutting-edge ’Mech far behind. Instead of scrapping the Daedalus, IDC took a gamble and upgraded it.

As new advancements in BattleMech technology became available, IDC went to work updating the Daedalus and soon brought it back to the forefront of Solaris VII arena ’Mechs. Before long, this medium ’Mech once again began making an impact in the local circuits.

Staying close to the original design, IDC’s engineers replaced all missile systems with new
extended-range lasers, and upgraded the original large pulse laser to Tronel’s experimental X-pulse laser. Both these changes increased the ’Mech’s range and striking power. To make these longerranged weapons more potent, an advanced targeting computer completed the altered electronics. Designers also installed a more compact cockpit, along with two more double heat sinks to handle the heat generated by the energy weapons. Finally, they added triple-strength myomer for extra speed.

Currently, only Blackstar Stables fields the new Daedalus, though the original design appears in many Reaches arenas and lesser-known co-ops.

In addition to the original Daedalus, two new variants exist. The DAD-4A removes three of the four extended-range medium lasers and large pulse laser, replacing them with two Streak SRM-4s and one Streak SRM-6. A new supercharger enhances engine performance, but sacrifices a ton and a half of armor. The DAD-4B replaces the Streak SRM-4s with medium pulse lasers and adds a heat sink, as well as a ton of armor, but sacrifices the TSM.


This Daedalus was piloted by Dyson Fields during his short but successful Solaris career and has since proven the mech he is most comfortable in. The agility and mobility of the medium mech fits nicely with Dyson’s preference for hit and run tactics.

Confirmed Kills: 3


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