Fulcrum Heavy Hover Tank


Fulcrum heavy hovertank
Fulcrum Heavy Hover Tank

Piloted By: Alexander Jandreau
Mass: 50 Tons Movement Type: Hover
Power Plant: Strand 265 XL Fusion
Cruising Speed: 108 kph Flank Speed: 162 kph
Armor: StarSlab/11.5 Type HVA
1 Sunglow Type 2 Large Laser
1 Diverse Optics Type 18 Medium Laser
1 Delta Dart LRM 10 Launcher
Manufacturer: Alphard Trading Corporation, Cyclops Incorporated, Johnston Industries
Primary Factory: Alphard and Perdition, Skye, New Syrtis
Communication System: O/P AIR 900 with Guardian ECM
Targeting and Tracking System: RCA Instatrac Mark XII
with TAG


In 3055, the Skye-based Cyclops Incorporated decided to engineer a new state-of-the-art hovertank to succeed its brisk selling Drillson Heavy Hovertank. The first four prototypes of the new Fulcrum rolled off the production lines in 3056 and performed so well in all tests that series production started in March 3057. Cyclops Incorporated received orders for 500 Fulcrums in a mere four months. Following the FedCom Civil War, Johnston Industries on New Syrtis started building a licensed version of the Fulcrum Heavy Hovertank, due to the high demand for new Fulcrums. As both of the once-allied states rebuilt their forces, Cyclops Incorporated was forced by long-term contracts to supply the AFFS as well.


Built for rugged endurance and easy maintenance, the Fulcrum is a well-armed and -armored hovertank whose high top speed makes it a tough target to hit. The XL fusion engine is simple to maintain, with access panels on the rear deck and in the main compartment, and it can be replaced in the field in just three to six hours if a new one is at hand. Since the Sunglow large laser and Delta Dart LRM-10, which provide the Fulcrum with its long-range firepower, have been used for hundreds of years throughout the Inner Sphere and the Periphery, they are also easy to maintain and replace. A medium laser rounds out the Fulcrum’s weapons. The only major complaint about the Fulcrum’s firepower is that it only carries one ton of LRM ammo and runs out of missiles fairly quickly during longer engagements. The Fulcrum’s primary missions are reconnaissance and fast strikes against an enemy’s flank or rear positions, but its electronic payload allows it to carry out a variety of other missions, too. The Guardian ECM suite enables the Fulcrum to hide itself and to screen friendly units against enemy forces. The vehicle also carries TAG and can act as a spotter for units equipped with the Arrow IV missile system.


The majority of the first Fulcrum production runs were stationed along the Lyran borders with the Free Worlds League and the Periphery. That decision quickly proved to be a good choice, since the Fulcrums were quite well-suited for the task of patrolling the under-manned planets in this region. The low level of maintenance needed by the Fulcrum, along with the cutting-edge nature of its technology, boosted the morale of forces receiving them, since it was the first time in over 15 years that such technology was not confined to the Clan border or to major planets. Following the FedCom Civil War, Fulcrum hovertanks were primary deployed to units within the Skye Province, the Freedom Theatre, or the Capellan March. Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner’s retaliation attacks following the Second Sirian Lancers’ assault on Skye and Duke George Hasek-Davion’s preemptive strikes against the Capellan Confederation threw the Fulcrum contingents of both states into the thick of war. During both initial attacks and counterattacks, Fulcrum hovertanks served exceptionally well in attack and retreat, harassing enemy units and trying to either gather combat information or slow down their opponent’s advance by endangering their flanks and rears.


The only variant of the Fulcrum hovertank was introduced in 3067. It dropped the large laser and one heat sink in favor of two additional medium lasers and a SRM 6 rack with one ton of ammunition for more close-range firepower.

Notable Crew

Leftenant Samantha Deveraux, Sergeant Sergei Mitchell, PFC Richard Huang, Private Charlene Thomas: Lieutenant Deveraux is in command of the Second reconnaissance platoon, Eighteenth Verlo Armored Regiment of the Sixth Syrtis Fusiliers RCT. She and her crew racked up an impressive account of seven Capellan BattleMechs and twenty-one vehicle kills during the battle of New Syrtis. Lieutenant Deveraux’s company was a constant menace to the Capellan troops’ rear, harassing their supply lines and attacking smaller patrols while using the sheets of ice and oceans of New Syrtis for a quick retreat, traversing terrain that few enemy units could cross in pursuit. Kommandant Markus Schmidt-Iversen, First Leutnant Maria Casillas, Staff Sergeant Harald Münkeberg: Kommandant Schmidt-Iversen commands one of the most expensive tanks throughout the whole Inner Sphere. He and his two crewmen are reconnaissance specialists of the Lyran Military Intelligence Division and their Fulcrum “Nachteule” (Night Owl) is highly customized, replacing most of the usual weaponry with additional electronics, along with active and passive stealth mechanisms that enable it to operate on enemy planets or deep within enemy terrain for extended periods of time without being noticed.

Fulcrum Heavy Hover Tank

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