Grasshopper GHR-6K


Piloted By:
Tech: Inner Sphere/3064 (Standard Rules)
Mass: 70 tons Chassis: Mingz33/7 Endo-Steel
Power Plant: Vox 280 Fusion Engine
Cruising Speed: 43.2 km/h Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets: LeviathanLifters Jump Capacity: 120 Meters
Armor: Durallex Havy Standard Armor w/ CASE

1 Diverse Optics Sunbeam ER Large Laser
1 Guided Technologies 2nd Generation Streak SRM-4
5 Victory Heartbeat Medium Pulse Lasers
1 Matabushi Citizen c3 Computer (slave)

Manufacturer: LexaTech Indsutries
Primary Factory: Hun Ho
Communications System: Allet-C308
Targeting and Tracking System: Allet-T11

Envisioned as a highly mobile close-range fighter, the Grasshopper was one of the last ’Mechs designed for the SLDF during the Amaris Civil War. However, numerous delays in production meant the design did not enter service until 2780, after the fighting had ended. By 2784 most Regular Army regiments had received a number of the as-yet untested ’Mechs, though the chaos of Kerensky’s Exodus and the defection of regular army units to the various House Lords proliferated the design throughout the Inner Sphere.

The First Succession War proved to be the crucible that forged the Grasshopper’s reputation as a premier ’Mech for storming fortifications, as its mobility and endurance often led it to spearhead such assaults.

Out of production since the Second Succession War due to Bryant’s ever-worsening global storms, the GHR-5J is merely an upgrade of the Star League-era GHR-5H. The old Diplan heavy laser is replaced with a Diverse Optics Extended-Range Sunbeam model, which improves the ’Mech’s reach by over 25 percent. The Conan/S LRM-5 is exchanged for a Hovertec Streak-2 pack, which further augments the ’Mech’s short-range firepower and retains the design’s independence from supply lines. Lastly, the two torso-mounted medium lasers were exchanged for a SureFire 444 anti-missile system.

In widespread use throughout the Inner Sphere, the Grasshopper is a favorite of mercenaries and other units who value its self-reliance on extended missions, due to its minimal ammunition requirements. It is particularly prized for its superior mobility, as the Leviathan Lifters give the Grasshopper the ability to outflank heavier opposing ’Mechs; though common amongst medium and light ‘Mechs, few heavier designs possess such mobility. Tactics change when Grasshoppers enter the battlefield.

Recent reports from New Avalon mention a flat black Grasshopper terrorizing Word units. Feared for its blistering all-energy payload, the ’Mech often finishes off its opponents with TSM-enhanced physical assaults or unerringly accurate death-from-above maneuvers.

With the growing reputation of the Grasshopper within the Combine, LexaTech Industries of Hun Ho decided to expand their portfolio of products with a ground-up redesign of the ’Mech during the 3060s, the GHR-6K. The 6K features nearly all-new weaponry and an endo-steel chassis. The ER large laser remains, but five medium pulse lasers dot the arms and torsos of the ’Mech. The traditional Grasshopper missile launcher is a Guided Technologies 2nd Generation Streak SRM-4 with one ton of CASE-protected ammunition. Seventeen double heat sinks keep the ’Mech frosty, and a C3 slave provides enhanced-targeting data to lance-mates.


Deadspace Anomaly has owned three of these mechs and found that they are and effective unit in both urban and wilderness settings. The first was lost during a reconnaissance mission on New Avalon trying to sniff out invading WoB forces. Two more were purchased from the AFFS to replace and bolster the unit.

Grasshopper GHR-6K

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