Warhammer WHM-8D

Heavy Mech


Piloted By: Dysun Fields
Tech: Inner Sphere/3066 (Standard Rules)
Mass: 70 tons Chassis: StarFrame Heavy Endo Steel
Power Plant: GM 280 Fusion
Cruising Speed: 43.2 km/h Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Armor: Durallex Heavy Standard

2 Johnston High Speed ER PPCs
2 Defiance Model XII ER Medium Lasers
2 BlazeFire LongShot ER Small Lasers
1 Harpoon-6S SRM 6 Pack Streak Launcher

Manufacturer: Star Corps Industries
Primary Factory: Corfton, Emris IV, Menke, Son Hoa
Communications System: Garret T60 FasScan w/ C3
Targeting and Tracking System: Garret F22C


Like the Marauder, the Warhammer is one of the most feared BattleMechs ever
designed. Throughout its more than five centuries of history, many a weak-spirited
warrior has run from the sight of a “Hammer” bearing down on them. StarCorps
Industries, the original builder of the Warhammer, jumped at the chance to
redesign and build what is arguably the most famous Battlemech in history.

As the initial design and development process progressed on Crofton, the
Lyran bureau on Son Hoa expressed an interest in this redesign. It didn’t take
long for the other bureaus to get wind of this update and soon production
managers and engineering chiefs from all of Star Corps’ divisions had made
their way to Crofton. What was supposed to be a weeklong business negotiation
allegedly turned into a month long festival where all parties celebrated
endlessly as StarCorps executives made the decision to simultaneously produce
this new Warhammer in four realms. The ’Mech’s base chassis would remain the
same; the only differences between the final production ’Mechs would be
House-specific technologies that would, naturally, not be shared between the
four involved realms.


The WHM-8D is the descendent of the venerable Warhammer 6D, but has been
given a complete redesign. It retains a weapons loadout similar to that of its
forebearer, though mounting extended-range lasers and PPCs instead of the
standard versions of those weapons. Replacing the traditional SRM 6 launcher
is the new Harpoon Streak 6 launcher. The addition of the C3 module allows
this model to work in lances and companies with the new Thanatos and other
C3-equipped AFFS ’Mechs. It retains the theoretically maximum-possible armor
protection that, when combined with its standard fusion engine and CASE, makes
the Warhammer 8D a powerful and tough BattleMech. In fact, to date no
complaints about the 8D has yet been forwarded from the field.


Three additional Warhammer variants have seen the light of day. The
Capellan Confederation is, of course, producing a stealth armor-equipped model
to further their Shadow Lances. The LAAF version built on Son Hoa makes use of
their light fusion engine, removing the small lasers and the C3 slave and
filling the available mass with additional heat sinks. The Federated Suns has
taken a completely different tactic with a second version built on Crofton,
though; the WHM-9D increases replaces the power plant with a 350 extra light,
and adds jump jets and a targeting computer.

House Marik is already producing the 8D on Emris IV, but is also working
on obtaining a license for Ronin, Inc. on Wallis, a company likely to design
and produce a FWL-exclusive variant. The most disturbing fact, however, is
that the WHM-9S has been sighted in service with the Black Warriors. No known
units have been stolen from Son Hoa, however, and the LAAF has not yet
determined the source of these Warhammers.


StarCorps was able to deliver a full production run to each of the four
involved Houses by mid-August of 3066, giving these new Warhammers the chance
to test their mettle against other new ’Mech designs during the FedCom Civil
War. Surprisingly, AFFS and LCAF reports show that every single Warhammer
delivered to those two militaries is still in service. As it once did years
ago, the Warhammer is again becoming the backbone for many heavy lances within
the AFFC, CCAF, FWLM and the LAAF.


This particular battlemech was taken as salvage from the field of battle on Acamar by Deadspace Anomaly. Previously owned by Liao loyalist pirate group named the Lafayette Legion the mech is “in the shop” as it were being rebuilt from the ground up. Rumor has it Deadspace Anomaly CO Dysun Fields is interested in replacing his recently lost 7M.

Warhammer WHM-8D

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