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Another Day, Another C-Bill

Played: 7/21/2012
Players: Erik, Rema

Colchiss and High Streets
Downtown Harlech
Outreach, Chaos March
15 October 3067

As chaos rages through the streets of Outreach, Mr. Guillome, the Vice-President of GM Blackwell Corp races through Harlech in the security of a hover APC, guarded by Blackwell Security Forces Badger APCs and a pair of ’Mechs from Deadspace Anomaly, hired on the spot to escort the VP to the comparative safety of the Blackwell corporate offices.


  • City Hills/Residential #2 (MS3)
  • City Hills/Residential #1 (MS3)
  • City Skyscraper (MS6)

Laid end to end. Blackwell/Deadspace forces entered via the southern map edge.


The attacking force was elements of the 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers mercenary command, and consisted of:

  • PXH-1D Phoenix Hawk (4/5) (MWDA Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • JVN-10N Javelin (4/5) (brown Javelin mini)
  • LCT-1E Locust (4/5) (proxy: purple Cicada mini)
  • 2 Platoons Motorized Infantry (Machine Gun) (4)


The defending force was elements of Blackwell Security with two Deadspace Anomaly ’Mechs in support:

  • DAD-D3 Daedalus (Dyson Fields, 3/4) (proxy: 10th Lyran Phoenix Hawk mini)
  • BSW-S2 Bushwhacker (Wallace “Joy Boy” Joy, 4/5) (proxy: Jade Falcon Uller mini)
  • Heavy Hover APC (4/5)
  • Badger A (4/5) (proxy: 10th Lyran Maxim)
  • Badger A (4/5) (proxy: 10th Lyran Maxim)




  • Safety first! – Extract the Heavy Hover APC containing Mr. Guillome safely off the far edge of the map. [FAILED]
  • No quarter – Destroy all opposing forces. [SUCCESS]
  • Watch the paint! – At least two Blackwell units must survive. [FAILED]


  • Committed: None of the attacking forces will withdraw from the field, but will continue their attempt to capture or kill Guillome. The Blackwell contingent will not withdraw until Guillome is safely away.
  • Captured: Guillome is considered captured if his vehicle is crippled or trapped and an enemy force can extract him (represented by placing an enemy unit in the same hex as the VP’s vehicle and keeping it there for one full turn).


The 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers quickly intercepted Mr. Guillome’s escort force not far from its starting point. The Jaegers fought with suicidal determination, concentrating their fire on the APC despite the heroic efforts of the Blackwell and Deadspace escorts. Ultimately, the Jaegers were destroyed, but not without the tragic loss of Mr. Guillome and one of the escort vehicles.


Another day another c bill1
51st Dark Panzer Jaeger forces attempt to destroy Mr. Guillome’s APC. An immobilized Locust watches as the Jaeger Phoenix Hawk and Deadspace Bushwhacker attempt to get back to their feet.


After collecting what salvage and prisoners they could, the two Deadspace MechWarriors rejoined the rest of their unit fighting in TempTown.




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