Force Roster

Updated list of available units/Pilots and their status.

Total FP: 136
Breakdown: Heavy Mech x5 Medium Mech x5 Medium Hover Tank x5, Attack VTOL x1

Warhammer WHM-8D (Dison) FP:12 (standard rules)
Grasshopper GHR-6K MkII FP:12 (standard rules)
Grasshopper GHR-6K (Unpiloted) FP:12 (standard rules)
Perseus P1B (Milagria “Milly” Rebalais) FP: 12
Hunchback HBK-5S (Mitchell McLanaghan 2/3) FP:9 (standard rules)
Daedalus DAD-3D (Dison Fields 2/3) FP:9 (experimental rules)
Bushwacker BSW-S2 (Wallace “Joy Boy” Joy 3/4 FP:9 (standard rules)
Helios HEL-3D (Mitchel Kun 4/5) FP:12 (standard rules)
Phoenix Hawk PXH-4L (Guy Lachermeier) FP: 9 (Standard Rules)
Men Shen MS1-O (Jessi Mckiernan) FP: 9 (Standad Rules)
Bandit Hover Craft Loadout D(5/6) FP: 5 (standard rules)
Fulcrum Heavy Hover Tank (4/5) FP: 5 (standard rules)
Pegasus Hover Scout Tank (4/5) FP: 4 (standard rules) [Out 1 more track for repairs]
Pinto Attack VTOL (Cody Mynatt 4/5) FP: 4
Zephyr Infantry Support Tank FP: 4
Regulator Hover Tank FP: FP: 5
4 28-man platoons of foot infantry armed with Mauser 1200 LSS (1 fp/each)

Dison Fields (2/3) XP: 6 Edge:1 Special Abilities: Jumping Jack
Octavius McManus (2/4) XP: 4.5
Milagria “Milly” Rebalais (3/5) XP: 3
Wallace “Joy Boy” Joy (3/3) XP:0 Edge: 1
Mitchel Kun (3/4) XP: 1.5
Joey Winters (3/5) Recovered awaiting psych eval
Vladmir Olshansky (3/5) Recovered awaiting psych eval
Ramón Quiñones (4/5) KIA
Jessi Mckiernan (f)(3/5) XP: 2.5
Guy Lachermeier (4/5) XP: 2 KIA
Sharron Engelke Commander Bandit Crew (5/5) XP:1
Alexander Jandreau Commander Fulcrum Crew (4/5) XP: 5
Cody Mynatt Pilot Pinto Attack VTOL (4/5) XP: 0

C3i computer x2
Streak SRM6 (1 ton ammo)
ER Small Laser x2
C3 slave unit
The boys and girls

Force Roster

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